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The first day took place in the second Grand Slam Series of Taekwondo began its actions in Wuxi, China, when jumping to the scene when the athletes of four categories: -67kg female, + 67kg female, -80kg male and 80kg male .

The scenario for the most important sporting fair in the world of taekwondo was at the Taihu International Expo Center in Wuxi. The best events in the world, including the previous Grand Slam champion and gold medalists in each of the five Grand Prix events in 2018, were competed.

In the women's category of -67kg, Ruth Gbagbi, from Ivory Coast, in the hand of winners of the Grand Slam Grand Slam Champions Champions Series. Jie Song of China 2-0 in the best of the three round. Taoyuan Grand Prix champion Paige Mc Pherson from the USA UU., And Manchester Grand Prix champion Lauren Williams of Great Britain will meet in the second quarter final, after both athletes won their preliminary rounds 2-0. The other two quarterfinals have two Chinese stars, to the delight of the local crowd. Yunfei Guo from China and the champion of the Moscow Matea Grand Prix.


Preliminary rounds of + 67 kg women saw the crowd favorite, Chen Li, of China, narrowly beat Raphaella Galacho of Brazil. Li is now paired against the number one favorite and pre-tournament favorite Bianca Walkden. Huan Wang of China fought hard to beat Nafia Kus of Turkey 2-1 and will now face Aleksandra Kowalczuk of Poland, who won her preliminary round against Yaxin Liu 2-0. The third quarter-final will feature an all-American showdown between Jackie Galloway and Madelynn Gorman-Shore. Galloway received a message in the first round, while Gorman-Shore beat Juan Shi of China 2-0. Rebecca McGowan of Great Britain defeated Cansel Deniz 2-1 to put together a fight against number two, Shuyin Zheng of China, who received a notification in the last quarterfinal.

In the quarter-finals of the 80 kilos, the number one seed, Maksim Khramtcov, will face Nikita Rafalovich, of Uzbekistan, after Rafalovich defeated Aaron Cook of Moldova and Khramtcov received a comment. Speak a completely Chinese showdown between Linglong Chen and Ke Ren in the final second quarter. Chen beat Tsung Yeh Yang of Chinese Taipei in round one 2-1, while Ren beat Raúl Martínez García of Spain 2-0. Hwan Namgoong from Korea and Icaro

The final weight category of the day does not compete with the athletes at + 80 kg. The number one favorite, Kyo-don In of Korea, received a goodbye to face Dmitriy Shokin of Uzbekistan, who defeated Mahama Cho of Great Britain 2-0. Lutalo Muhammad of Great Britain beat Radik Isaev 2-0, and faced Hongyi Sun of China, who beat Jintao Liu of China. Gil-young Byeon from Korea oversaw a Qiang Xu from China for a score of 2-1 in the first round. Byeon will now fight against Sajjad Mardani of Iran, who narrowly defeated Stephen Lambdin of the USA. UU In a round of gold points. In the last quarter-final, Anthony Mylann Obame of Gabon faced a Zhaoxiang song in China, both won their preliminary fights by a score of 2-1.

The action continues tomorrow, and the athletes compete in the round of 16 of the -49kg female, -58kg male, -57kg female and -68kg male.

The second Grand Slam Series from Wuxi with an impeccable preparation to give the best of the best of world taekwondo to its fans.

In an enjoyable tour with John Cullen, who is the official presenter of the World Taekwondo Media does not present the scenarios that have prepared for this global taekwondo show, impeccable the stage and the entrance tunnel to the competition area. The warm-up area for athletes is luxury.

For the event there will be an audiovisual production of first level, twelve cameras of the latest technology in which a special "slow motion" is highlighted to see the detail of the most impressive techniques.

Also the official presenter of the WT makes a series of interviews to those who are in charge of giving life to this great event of world taekwondo.

We will invite you to see everything in the following video.


The Gambia Professional Taekwondo Academy announced the launch of the program: Personal Defense for Women.

The program seeks for Gambian women to receive comprehensive self-defense and taekwondo training, the program to develop several sessions over a month, and with a maximum of 10 participants.

Through this program you will learn the basic techniques of self defense that will respond to women security.

Among the benefits of practicing this sport and martial art is to improve the physical and aesthetic body.

Classes will begin on Monday, January 14, 2019.

For more information, please call these numbers: 3743305/7996445/7643990/3628741 or write us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or visit our facilities located on the Facade of the restaurant "The Butchers Shop".

"My name is Natalia Yopasá. I have practiced taekwondo since I was 3 years old. Throughout my competitive career, I have represented Colombia several times.

I am a Youth Olympic medallist, as well as a world medallist, which are dreams I have fulfilled. Nonetheless, there are plenty of dreams I still want to achieve.

In this moment I have a lesión in my knee that requires a surgical process and I do not have the support or resources for paying it.

Because of this, I ask for your collaboration in order to continue my sport career for to continue projecting and living my dreams."

Donations are collected through the "Crowdfunding" Vaki platform, by clicking here you can donate >>


Thanks for helping.

(You can find at the end all the information in order to buy the Taekwondo Game "Master Theory")

From the Hwarang Do Taekwondo Club in Bogotá - Colombia, the official presentation of the Taekwondo Didactic Game "MASTER THEORY" was made.

The authors José Rodrigo Nocove and Jorge Hernán Castro presented the First ever Taekwondo Didactic Game, with highlights the great pedagogical component, the dynamics in learning and the powerful didactic resource. All this was expressed in a video for Taekwondo Radio, where they also addressed other aspects of the game, in addition they made a detailed description. At the end the authors made the Out Box of the game and made a brief explanation of the rules of the game.

The Taekwondo Game "Master Theory" is ready on sale, we leave information to buy.


Taekwondo Radio: mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or whatsapp +57 301 289 2754.
Hwarang-Do Taekwondo Club of Bogotá. Avenida Boyaca # 55-14 - Floor 2 Barrio Normandía, telephone: +57 315 8516 958.

The cost of the Taekwondo Game "Master Theory" $ 50,000 (Colombian currency) USD $ 16.00 (US dollars), shipments worldwide with payment on delivery.

"Having a better knowledge in theoretical aspects makes the practitioner empower their process, resulting in a better performance in practice" - Authors of the "Master Theory".


The TAEKWONDO HALL OF FAME® which was created in 1997 and attained international trademark status will host an official ceremony in Bangkok Thailand in 2019 and possibly another ceremony South, Korea during he same year. If held in Korea, it will be the third time the Taekwondo Hall of Fame has held its ceremony in the birthplace of Taekwondo. Previous ceremonies were held in 2011 at Kukkiwon World Taekwondo Headquarters and Taekwondowon in 2015 when Jidokwan President GM Seung Wan Lee twas inducted. Other ceremonies were held in Croatia, Russia, Iran, Canada and the USA. Korean personalities inducted in previous ceremonies include General Choi Hong Hi, and Grand Masers Nam Tae Hi, Kim Bok Man Un Yong Kim, Chong Woo Lee, Dong Keun Park, Young Il Kong, Sang Min Cho, Won Sir Kang, Park Jung Tae, Eui Min Ko, Park Sun Jae, Kook Hyun Jung, Ki Whang Kim, and recently departed Jhoon Goo Rhee. See the letter attached from the Chungwon Choue President of the World Taekwondo Federation renamed WT indicating that the Taekwondo Hall of Fame is the "official" Hall of Fame for Taekwondo as well as the letter from Dr. Un Yong Kim the first president of the WTF. The Taekwondo Hall of Fame has more than 100 letters of acknowledgement received from top Masters and Grandmasters from all over the world expressing their thanks for the creation of the official Taekwondo Hall of Fame. Further information will be provided in a future press release. Persons wishing further information can send an email to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Sport for development and peace in the Azraq Refugee Camp, Jordan, and potentially in other parts of the world ...

TOKYO, JAPAN - World Taekwondo, the Taekwondo Humanitarian Foundation (THF) and the International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF) signed a historic Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to promote humanitarian activities aimed at peace and development.

The agreement was signed by the president of the World of Taekwondo, Chungwon Choue, and the president of the ITTF, Thomas Weikert, in the presence of the president of the IOC, Thomas Bach, around the General Assembly of the Association of National Olympic Committees (ANOC) ) on November 28 in Tokyo, Japan.

Under the agreement, the three organizations will develop close cooperation in the following areas:

Promote sport as a powerful vehicle towards peace, social development and the integration of vulnerable populations.

The idea is to join forces to offer sports activities for development and peace in the Azraq Refugee Camp, Jordan, and potentially in other parts of the world.

Chungwon Choue, president of World Taekwondo and president of THF, said:

"The historic agreement is another example of the world's commitment. Taekwondo to contribute to a more peaceful future. As we all know, sport is very powerful to reach people and make a real difference in the lives of those who need it most. This newly created information network will improve our understanding of the needs of many, while bringing the three organizations closer together.

The terms of mutual assistance, financial responsibilities and activities related to any project or activities implemented from this Memorandum are discussed and mutually agreed upon in writing by all parties before their commencement.

More than gives a title to Mr, Cito René Forero as adviser of the Taekwondo Hall of Fame, is to recognize the great work of Colombian taekwondo.

Taekwondo Radio can get an interview with the Taekwondo Hall of Fame regional director, Mr. Grand Master Porfirio Álvarez, who express that after one year and the research and analysis of various profiles, decided to grant the title of Advisor for Colombia to Mr. Master Cito René Forero.

From New York, United States, Mr. G.M. Porfirio Álvarez, express about the complex task in order to make a right election due to the high quality of the candidates, all of that speaks very well of the level of Colombian taekwondo.

In the end, the adviser title was awarded to the current Head Coach of the Colombian Taekwondo Team in recognition of the work he is doing, which is reflected in the great performance of the taekwondo sport, in addition to the effort to find spaces for Taekwondo in the local and national political agenda.

What does Colombia gain with the appointment of the Taekwondo Hall of Fame?

Much, then, the Taekwondo Hall of Fame through its history, has welcomed in people who have stood out for their brilliant contribution in the construction of a better world from taekwondo, and having a Colombian inside this select group says a lot of colombian taekwondo. Otherways Colombia´s taekwondo can shere and exalt the beautiful stories that have been written in this fabulous martial art and Olympic Sports.

For its part, Mr. G.M. Gerald Robbins, who is the World Director and Founder of Taekwondo Hall of Fame, expressed his joy to have a great representative for Colombian taekwondo.

Our Olympic champion needs a helping hand to solve the costly surgical procedure in her left knee, she has no support from any colombian institution and her family, after paying the costs generated to attend important sports events on behalf of our beloved national tricolor, do not have the enough resource.

This call is extended, not only to the Colombian people, it is to all the people of the taekwondo´s world, it is a humanitarian aid for the taekwondo glory.

Below we share the words of the athlete Natalia Yopasa.


Fans of taekwondo have the possibility of being handed out with three grates events at the ends of the 2018 season.

The World Taekwondo culminates its season of competitions in great: The Final of the World Championship Grand Prix, World of Taekwondo Team and the Gala of the World Taekwondo Awards, all the events are in Fujairah, United Arab Emirates (UAE).

With the Olympic Games very close, important classification points will be played, so that the 16 best in the world in the eight categories of the Olympic weight (four men and four women) form a dispute a quota. The big tent of World Taekwondo received 127 athletes from 39 countries in the Zayed Sports Complex in Fujairah, on November 22 and 23.

Two new categories announced for the World Taekwondo Awards

On the other hand, the Gala of the World Taekwondo Awards will be held on the night of the 23rd of the same month at the National Theater of Fujairah. The best nominations are: Best of the Year, Coach of the Year, Sportsman of the Year (female and male), as well as the KICK OF THE YEAR. In addition, the organizers of the World Taekwondo Awards announced two new categories: "Taekwondo Cares" and "Taekwondo Volunteers".

In the final stretch of this fantastic year for world Taekwondo, we will have a great closing with a more exciting way, The Team Championship. These are only sports, such as the Zayed Sports Complex in Fujairah, UAE. The contest will be given in three categories: male, female and mixed. Eight teams compete in the men's category. Iran, Russia and Korea, they are the three best men's teams. Six teams compete in the female category. China, Korea and Morocco, who are the first three women's teams. China, Russia and Korea are the best ranked teams in the mixed gender division.

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