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A total of nine athletes from Mexico, Canada, the United States and Brazil are among the top ten.

Mexico with four athletes, two male and two female.

Carlos Navarro - M-58 kg, occupies the sixth place with 255.71 points.
César Rodríguez - M-58 kg, ranked seventh with 243.58 points.
María Espinoza F + 67 kg, occupies the sixth place with 247.98 points.
Briselda Acosta F + 67 kg, ranked eighth with 233.19 points.

Canada with two athletes.

Yvette Yong F - 49 kg, occupying the seventh place with 243.38 points.
Skylar Park F - 57 kg, occupying the seventh place with 279.03 points.

United States with two athletes.

Paige Mc Pherson F - 67 kg, occupying the fourth box with 347.85 points.
Jackie Galloway F + 67 kg, occupying the seventh box with 239.06 points.

Brazil with an athlete.
Edival Pontes M - 68 kg, occupying the tenth position with 192.51 points.

According to the official ranking of the World Taekwondo or WT, there are four taekwondoines from Mexico who are approaching the Olympic dream in Tokyo 2020, they are: María Espinoza, Briseida Acosta, Carlos Navarro and César Rodríguez; they are the best Mexican of taekwondo placed in the olynmpic ranking.

The Mexican Olympic Committee acknowledged the athletes from their twitter account, where it said: "The taekwondoínes @mariespinozatkd @ brigidaacosta1 @ carlosnav_96 and @cesarioOs, are the Mexicans best placed in the Olympic ranking released today by @ WorldTaekwondo1 @ femextkdoficial http://bit.ly/2CUW26p"

This is the table:

Carlos Navarro - M-58 kg, occupies the sixth place with 255.71 points.
César Rodríguez - M-58 kg, ranked seventh with 243.58 points.
María Espinoza F + 67 kg, occupies the sixth place with 247.98 points.
Briselda Acosta F + 67 kg, ranked eighth with 233.19 points.

The next competitions that will deliver important points to ratify the classification will be: Pan American Games Lima 2019 (previous the qualification to the Pan American Games will take place in the Dominican Republic) and the Manchester World Championship.

Daedo PSS is an Olympic brand and will be required in the Manchester World Cup, the Paralympic Taekwondo World Cup in Turkey and in all the continental qualifying tournaments for the 2020 Games, in addition to the Paralympic Games.

The company Swiss Timing is the company in charge of marking times and scores in the Olympic Games until 2032.

The system of protection and control of points began to be used in the Olympic Games of London 2012, then in Rio de Janeiro 2016 to introduce the electronic helmets.

2019 Cyprus Open- World Taekwondo - G-1
1st February - 3rd February 2019
Location: Larnaka, Cyprus

7th Fujairah Open- World Taekwondo - G-1
1st February - 3rd February 2019
Location: Fujairah, UAE

2019 8th World Para Taekwondo Championships- World Taekwondo - G-10
5th February - 6th February 2019
Location: Antalya, Turkey

2019 Nigeria Taekwondo International Open- World Taekwondo - G-1
8th February - 10th February 2019
Location: Abuja, Nigeria

4th WT President's Cup - European Region- World Taekwondo - G-2
7th February - 12th February 2019
Location: Antalya, Turkey

French Poomsae Open 2019- World Taekwondo - G-1
15th February - 17th February 2019
Location: Lille, France

Turkish Open 2019 (Kyorugi)- World Taekwondo - G-1
13th February - 17th February 2019
Location: Antalya, Turkey

Turkish Open 2019 (Poomsae)
13th February - 17th February 2019
Location: Antalya, Turkey

2019 African Para Taekwondo Championships- World Taekwondo - G-4/G-2
20th February - 20th February 2019
Location: Hurghada, Egypt

Slovenia Open 2019- World Taekwondo - G-1
23rd February - 24th February 2019
Location: Ljubljana, Slovenia

2019 Egypt Open- World Taekwondo - G-2
21st February - 24th February 2019
Location: Hurghada, Egypt

According to the "UNIQUE NATIONAL CALENDAR 2019" of the Colombian Taekwondo Federation (World Taekwondo - WT).

Taekwondo poomsae to selective camp.


From January 25 to 27, 2019, the "National Selective Camp 2019 poomsae all national ranking categories" will be held in the CIART of Sogamoso, Boyacá, the home of the Colombian Taekwondo National Team.

Taekwondo fights selective camp.

From February 1 to 3, 2019, the "National Selective Camp 2019 will fight all the national ranking categories" in the CIART of Sogamoso, Boyacá, the home of the Colombian Taekwondo National Team.

The Colombia Selection of Taekwondo in Antalya, Turkey

From February 5 to 16 the national teams will have the possibility to play their first international matches in Antalya, Antalya, Turkey in the following events:

  1. 8th World Para-Taekwondo Championships with WT G-10 classification.
  2. 4th WT President's - Europe with WT G-2 classification.
  3. Turkish Open 2019 with WT G-1 classification.

Training for coaches and judges of Taekwondo WT.

From February 21 to 22 in the city of Bogotá, Colombia, will take place the "National Coaches Certification Course 2019" and "National Certification Course Judges 2019".

The Colombia Selection of Taekwondo at the US Open in Las Vegas.

From February 28 to March 3, the traditional "2019 U.S. Open Taekwondo Championship "with WT G-2 classification.




"The successes we have achieved to this point, and all that will be achieved this year, is only possible through the World Taekwondo family working together." - Chungwon Choue, President of the World Taekwondo, WT.

In an extensive statement under the title: "Happy New Year to you, our beloved family of World Taekwondo!" The president of the WT took stock of the highlights of 2018, which highlights the evolution of events as to the technical, sports, media quality to achieve seducing own and strangers.

Of the most important events, and important was the historical visit dedicated to His Holiness Pope Francis and the thousands of people who attended the event.

Regarding the most outstanding initiatives, we can observe the work carried out by the Humanitarian Foundation of Taekwondo (THF), which has managed to accompany important social processes in communities that suffer from the rigor of armed conflicts.

By 2019, the WT aims to achieve its own taekwondo security program regarding harassment and abuse; In addition, a comprehensive strategic plan that will focus on sustainability and results based on value will be published, in addition to the work that will strengthen the WT's education program, among others.

We invite you to read the full statement of the President of World Taekwondo - WT, Chungwon Choue:

"Happy New Year to you, our beloved World Taekwondo family!

It was yet another tremendous year for World Taekwondo, as 2018 showcased the bright future of our sport. The successes of the Hammamet 2018 World Taekwondo Junior Championships and the Youth Olympic Games Buenos Aires 2018, coupled with taekwondo’s inclusion for the first time in the International School Sport Federation Gymnasiade 2018, exhibited the up-and-coming stars that will carry our sport into the future.

The past year also reinforced the worldwide appeal of the Grand Prix Series, now firmly established as one of the premier events in the World Taekwondo calendar. Other than our established stops in Manchester and Moscow, the 2018 Grand Prix Series also took place for the first time in Rome, Italy; Taoyuan, Chinese Taipei; and the Finals in Fujairah, United Arab Emirates.

The Grand Slam Champions Series entered its second year in Wuxi, China, and continued to push the boundaries of exciting spectator and media engagement in our sport. Wuxi will continue to play an important role in the global expansion of taekwondo over the coming years, as the 2021 World Taekwondo Championships will also be held in the city. Furthermore, the World Taekwondo Wuxi Centre was opened in July 2018 and will focus on global development and education programmes.

Poomsae also left an indelible mark on the global stage, with the 2nd World Taekwondo Beach Championships in Rhodes Island, Greece, and the Taipei 2018 World Taekwondo Poomsae Championships registering record-breaking participation numbers. Furthermore, poomsae was featured for the first time at the Asian Games, in Jakarta, Indonesia, with the host country winning its first-ever taekwondo medal – and gold – by a female athlete.

Taekwondo is a powerful channel for bringing hope and peace to the masses, and 2018 was another historic year in fulfilling our vision of peace through taekwondo.

On the occasion of the 2018 Olympic Winter Games in PyeongChang, Korea, World Taekwondo and the North Korea-led International Taekwondo Federation performed a joint demonstration at the pre-opening ceremony, in front of heads of states and dignitaries, and millions of viewers around the world. A high-calibre World Taekwondo delegation also visited Pyongyang, North Korea, and held another meeting in Wuxi.

In addition, World Taekwondo had the distinction as being the only Olympic international federation to be invited to the Vatican to perform a historic demonstration in front of His Holiness Pope Francis and thousands of people. The highly symbolic World Taekwondo demonstration concluded with the unfurling of a banner with our mantra: ‘Peace is more Precious than Triumph.’

As an Olympic international federation, we have a social responsibility to enrich people’s lives, including improving the livelihoods of refugees through projects of the Taekwondo Humanitarian Foundation (THF). The THF has opened the Azraq Taekwondo Academy for the benefit of hundreds of Syrian refugees, including women and children. I am excited to announce that the Azraq Taekwondo Academy has produced three first dan black belt holders, and we look forward to their continued growth into future champions.

Since my speech at the 2018 ASOIF General Assembly, in which I called on the other International federations to join us in our humanitarian efforts, we have signed memorandums of understanding with three Olympic international federations, and expect more to join.

Looking ahead to 2019, it is set to be another momentous year in World Taekwondo’s drive for excellence. An all-encompassing strategic plan focusing on sustainability and value-based results will be published to guide World Taekwondo’s programmes from next year. We will also focus on the global standardization and expansion of World Taekwondo’s development and education programmes.

The 8th World Para-Taekwondo Championships to be held in Antalya, Turkey, in February will be vital in promoting the global appeal of our sport, prior to Para-Taekwondo’s inclusion at the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games for the very first time.

The 24th edition of the World Taekwondo Championships in Manchester, United Kingdom, in May is also expected to be one of the best in our history, with the best athletes from around the world showcasing their talents before the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games.

I also look forward to visiting not only Rome and Moscow for the Grand Prix and Grand Prix Finals, respectively, but also to our two new Grand Prix Series host cities, Chiba (Japan) and Sofia (Bulgaria). In particular, Chiba will be an important stop, as the 2020 Olympic Games and taekwondo test events will be held there.

Furthermore, the first-ever Islamic women’s open championships in Saudi Arabia will be organized in November, in support of World Taekwondo’s drive for gender equality. We will also be organizing more mixed gender team events across our five continental unions.

World Taekwondo is striving to be one of the leading organizations in the esports field, as we organize showcase events to demonstrate our esports potential to the world.

We are also teaming up with the IOC and related organizations to develop our own athlete safeguarding and prevention programmes. Protecting our athletes and stakeholders from harassment and abuse is our highest priority, and is a full commitment to the Hammamet Declaration on safe sport that our Council approved in 2018.

Finally, 2019 marks the 25th anniversary of taekwondo’s inclusion as a sport in the Olympic Programme. The momentous decision made by the IOC Session on September 4, 1994, was the catalyst that propelled World Taekwondo to the heights that we have reached today and we look forward to celebrating that achievement this year.

The successes that we have achieved to this point, and all that will be fulfilled this year is only possible through the World Taekwondo family working together. Let us strive to continue to work together to make World Taekwondo and our beloved sport something that we can all be proud of!

Yours in taekwondo –

Chungwon Choue

President, World Taekwondo"

The academy Professional Taekwondo Gambia, directed by Master Fernando ABAGA EDJANG in June of 2017, advanced the closing one year of work with the examination and graduation of several athletes.

The work of the Professional Taekwondo Gambia school has stood out so much that the local press now accompanies very close to this event of great Olympic sport and martial art.

We invite you to see the record that we have shared in the Professional Taekwondo Gambia academy.


Fajara, Gambia - Professional Taekwondo Gambia

"We are here to serve with love and passion, we really love what we do because we try to give wings to the ideas that seduce us by becoming extraordinary tools for social transformation and peacebuilders." - Jorge Castro.

2018 was a great year to grow hand in hand with our friends, who, without a doubt, have been great people, and inspired us to materialize several dreams by entrusting us with the projects that for several years they expected to see the light of day. the first time, some of them, we had not even considered them, but for that we are, to serve with love and passion, giving wings to the ideas that seduce us by becoming extraordinary "Tools of social transformation and peace builders". So the achievements we present are not from Taekwondo Radio, they are from all our friends, whom we thank very deeply.

Editorial Taekwondo Radio and the first book "Taekwondo, tactics, and strategy of Guillermo Sáez" and the support of Maestro Cito Rene Forero.


Really this great book of Guillermo was the one that was impelling the idea to generate a publishing house that allowed, but also the recognition and gratefulness must be given to the Teacher Cito Rene Forero, that of generous way, but also disinterested, contributed the resources that they needed. Achieving this way, not only the publication but generating the entire chain to bring the final buyer; This is how, after hard work, we now have the book finally published and marketed directly in eight countries. At present we have already planned the publication of 7 more books by 2019.

Taekwondo Educational Radio at the service of the University of Santiago de Chile thanks to Professor Ph.D. Tomas Herrera.


A dream come true; with twelve academics of the first level, with Ph.D., doctorates and/or masters degrees in sports, nutrition, science, medicine ... besides having been or being athletes - high performance martial artists, others, in addition, national trainers, among others ; a group of professors who also have the support of the University of Santiago de Chile from the research group specialized in contact sports and martial arts to offer the "COURSE OF SPECIALIZATION IN TRAINING APPLIED TO THE SPORTS MODALITIES OF COMBAT", a course that already prepares its academic offers for 2019.

Budokai Fighters, the Taekwondo Radio YouTube program dedicated to the wonderful world of Martial Arts.


In order to generate relevant spaces for the healthy dissemination and promotion of Martial Arts and Combat Sports, a joint effort was made with Sensei Erick Duque and Jorge Hernán Castro to specify a content proposal that would be responsible, coherent. That allowed to house the entire family of martial arts, the product of that exercise was the creation of the Budokai Fighters program with its first season in 2018, through which it has achieved a great response from various places in the Spanish-speaking and Anglo-Saxon world. Work is currently underway on the construction of the Budokai Fighters information portal, which is expected to be ready for the first months of 2019.

Taekwondo Educational Game "Master Theory" published by Editorial Taekwondo Radio.


An idea that has been developing since 2014 by the authors José Rodrigo Nocove and Jorge Hernán Castro, where, after a lot of work and methodological, didactic and pedagogical research, it could have been ready for publication in 2018. According to an investigation carried out by Taekwondo Radio, this is the first didactic game published in the history of taekwondo, which is also a great joy to be able to say that Colombia becomes a pioneer in the generation of this type of material. For 2019 it is expected to take out the virtual complementary material, in addition to the generation of a poster of the game.

Ultimately 2018 a really wonderful year, with four projects come true, which glimpses on the horizon a pleasant future for 2019, but really what drives us is to have the firm conviction that "MARTIAL ARTS ARE A POWERFUL TOOL OF TRANSFORMATION SOCIAL AND CONSTRUCTORA DE PAZ "and we are going for more in 2019.

To all our followers, friends, colleagues and family of the Martial Arts, we wish 2019 full of rich and abundant blessings, that peace and love will flood their hearts.

Jorge Hernán Castro
Managing Director.
Taekwondo Radio.

Karate will have the chance to see the world elite in action during 2019, you could not have a better prelude to the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games.

1-Premier League is the series of international first class tournaments of the world Karate, the series will have stages in France, United Arab Emirates, Morocco, China, Japan, Russia, and Spain. The calendar runs from January 25 to December 1.

The official website of the World Karate Federation announced the new edition of its flagship event, Karate 1-Premier League. Which will be a series of international first class karate tournaments. In addition, this important contest will serve as preparation for the debut at the Olympic Games of Tokyo 2020.

In the presentation of the 1-Premier League the president of the WKF, Antonio Espinós said: "The tremendous progress of the Karate competitions is not only reflected in the growing popularity of our events; The growing interest among television networks around the world, the large number of countries that are being represented in the tournaments and the boom in income that remains in the host cities support the success of our actions."

The 2019 Karate 1-Premier League will start in January in Paris (France), in one of the exclusive Karate events. The competition will move to Dubai (UAE) in February, while Rabat (Morocco) will continue to be one of the highlights of the year with the tournament scheduled for April.

After the successful Karate 1-Series A event this year, Shanghai (China) will host the fourth scheduled stop of the season. Then, Karate will again show its tremendous popularity in Japan with a new edition of Karate 1-Premier League Tokyo.

Two new host cities in two countries where Karate is extremely popular will close the Karate 1-Premier League 2019. Moscow in Russia will host another big Karate event in October 2019 to celebrate the fascination with Karate in the powerful nation of Karate, while that Madrid in Spain will act as the venue for the closing tournament of the 2019 Karate 1-Premier League in November.

In addition to new markets and larger venues, the 2019 Karate 1-Premier League will present a modern and unified delivery of events. In order to further increase the impact of the sport among its growing audience, all the 2019 Karate 1-Premier League tournaments will present a spectacular and updated competition design.

The athletes must win in the seven tournaments next year to make their Olympic dreams come true.

Ultimately, the 2019 Karate 1-Premier League is the stage where the best karateka in the world will meet. With the quest to earn points to qualify for the intensification of the Olympic Games of Tokyo 2020, athletes must win in the seven tournaments next year to realize their Olympic dreams.

"Since the Karate 1-Premier League is one of the competitions that attributes the most points to the Olympic qualification, we will experience unique sporting moments, and I am sure that the seven Karate 1-Premier League in 2019 will be simply unforgettable." the president of the WKF, Antonio Espinós.

This is the official calendar of the 1-Premier League of Karate, 2019.

January 25-27: Karate 1-Premier League of Paris (France)
From February 15 to 17: Karate 1-Premier League Dubai (UAE)
April 19-21: Karate 1-Premier League Rabat (Morocco)
June 7-9: Karate 1-Premier League Shanghai (China)
From 6 to 8 September: Karate 1-Premier League of Tokyo (Japan)
October 4-6: Karate 1-Premier League Moscow (Russia)
November 29-December 1: Karate 1-Premier League Madrid (Spain)

Relive the second to second of the most spectacular actions of the Grand Slam Championship taekwondo series.


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