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The people who inspire: taekwondo´s Africa, its realities, its protagonists and its dreams.

As we present a series of notes for our special section "PEOPLE WHO INSPIRE" now we want to present, as a preamble, a note in which, thanks to the msaster Jorge Ramos, the President of the WT, the teacher Chungwon Choue, visits Guinea-Bissau in order to strengthen ties of brotherhood, leave an important contribution of sports equipment and agree on a joint agenda to allow sport development in this great nation.

Before, we want to introduce the teacher Jorge Ramos, born in Guinea-Basáu (West Africa), is actually a citizen of the world, consolidate his career as an athlete in Spain and the competitive future in France. Among his achievements, and just to name a few, stands out having been four times national champion. It is also the first African book to achieve two consecutive gold world medals.

As a coach he has been in important world events where he has obtained excellent results.

As we said before, this is the introduction of a series of reports that show the growth of taekwondo in Africa, its realities, its protagonists and its dreams.


Source consutlada: Taekwondo Wiki. Jorge Ramos and Robert Mujica.

Taekwondo had been on my list of martial arts to dive into for years. After months of a depressing journey sifting through McDojo's around the country, I finally had the revelation to seek out the National Team. Hope this inspires you to never settle for less!

A huge thank you to my coaches: Coach Juan Moreno, Marlen Moreno, Terrence Jennings, James Howe ii, Paige Mcpherson, and everyone else at Peak Performance Taekwondo.

Think positive. Be confident. This is how I will totally nail my next Taekwondo grading exam.

Yep. Just gotta banish these feelings of anxiety, self-doubt, fear and stress and it’s in the bag.

Be GONE cretins! Easy as.

Think Positive, Be Confident and this time for sure my mind won’t go completely blank the minute I set foot on the mats in front of my instructor.

I won’t forget the very first step in the Pattern I had pretty much perfect only minutes ago.

And my hands won’t shake with every gosh darn block or strike. Just gotta try harder to be confident and positive. I got this.

Until. The same thing happens again. Dagnammmmmittttttt!!!

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At 11 years old, my son earned the right to wear the most universally-recognised symbol of excellence there is – a Black Belt in martial arts.

I consider it one of my greatest achievements as a parent so far.

Do I sound smug? Probably.

Like I’m living vicariously through my Ninja Boy even? I hope not since I plan to get there myself one day....

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Kristy Hitchens

Kristy Hitchens took up Taekwondo after watching her son from the sidelines for 5 years and just after she turned 40. As a newspaper journalist and freelance writer of more than 20 years, it felt natural to write about the experience. When she discovered so many other people could relate to her sometimes comical journey, she decided to start blogging as The Mortal Mouse.


"To go to the past World Taekwondo Championship we have had to lend money from the banks and we can no longer lend, we have had to ask for charity because the governing bodies of taekwondo have not supported us, we have had to ask for alms ..." were the words of Mrs. Irma Córdoba, mother of the para taekwondo athlete.

"To go to past world we have had to ask for loans from banks and we can not get into debt any more, we have had to ask for charity because the governing bodies of taekwondo do not have resources, we have had to ask for alms ..." were the words of Mrs. Irma Córdoba, mother of the parataekwondo athlete.

The only practitioner of Colombian taekwondo with that quality of sporting record.

Despite the great world achievements, the example of overcoming and the testimony of life, the sports authorities of Colombia have left Jhormary Rojas, who in addition to displaying the three orbital titles of official events of the World Taekwondo Federation or WT, is Pan-American tricampeona, in addition to other important titles, which makes it the only Colombian practitioner with that quality of sporting record.

Jhormary's mother also spoke of the great possibility of Colombia securing for the fourth time the world gold, on the subject said: "we know that the world level is high, so the preparation has been done with love and dedication, thus achieving a very good level, I have already done a study to the rivals and Colombia has a great possibility. "

For donations please contact Mrs. Irma Córdoba at whatsapp: +57 320 8675842

The main objective in our agenda is to achieve a space of competence and training for the Refugees of Venezuela. - Robert Mujica.

In an interview for Taekwondo Radio, the director of the Corazones del Sur Foundation, directed by the taekwondoga Robert Mujica, expressed to us the important advances that have been achieved with various organizations, which have expressed their interest in the proposal that seeks to generate spaces for competition and official training for Venezuelan athletes who are in refugee status.

They will be a symbol of hope

The director of the Corazones del Sur Foundation told us that the initiative is not at all novel, since in the past Olympic Games in Rio - 2016, 10 athletes from different disciplines and countries were able to participate under the condition of refugees. Regarding this issue, the EL PAÍS information portal wrote in an article: "They will be a symbol of hope". Those were the words that the president of the International Olympic Committee (IOC), Thomas Bach, used when announcing that a team composed of refugees -action unprecedented in the history of the Olympic Games- will compete in Rio de Janeiro this month. August. "These refugees have no home, no team, no flag, no national anthem. We will offer you a home in the Olympic Village next to the rest of the athletes of the world, "he explained in a statement.

At the end of the interview, Professor Robert Mujica, expressed his satisfaction for the achievements that have been obtained in this matter and told us that the week comes very good news in that regard.

To contact and / or donate you can contact the Corazones del Sur Foundation with whatsapp number: +51 983 419 045.

The late Great Grand Master Nam Tae Hi at the Official Taekwondo Hall of Fame ® Ceremony in 2007. The right hand man to General Choi Hong Hi, Great Grand Master Nam Tae Hi was one of the world's most senior proponents of original Taekwon-Do.

In Gambia, Taekwondo is in motion. The number of Taekwondo clubs is growing, along with the number of Gambians who practice Taekwondo. The foundations have been laid to begin organizing tournaments, which must successfully carry out international participation. - Gambia Taekwondo Association.


The Executive Committee will continue to strengthen its downward relationship with the national taekwondo family, the National Sports Council and the National Olympic Committee.


An initiative that consists in shaping the management structure that is foreseen in the constitution of the Gambia Taekwondo Association.


Outside the Kombo area and throughout the country. The constitution includes several committees and other advisory bodies that supported the Executive Committee in the process of delivering its mandate. Work is already being done in this direction, which should conclude, shortly. This includes the preparation of the Terms of Reference of each committee and the appointment of its members.


It is the aspiration of the Gambia Taekwondo Association to ensure the participation of the Gambia in international competitions, including the next Olympic Games. This organization of tournaments, which will include the National Championships.


The acquisition of equipment and materials is a matter of higher priority in the Taekwondo Association of the Gambia is aware of the Embassy of South Korea in the social network of several African countries, under the banner of "Ambassador's Cup". " There is no reason to believe that The Gambia can not be covered by this program.


We take this opportunity to leave some videos that attest to the good work by one of the Gambia Schools. Courtesy of "Gambia Professional Taekwondo".





Sanine Baboucarr, Gambia - África.

Grand Master Porfirio Álvarez, on the occasion of the Ceremony held in 2017, interviewed Grand Master María Nelly Chacín.

Here is the interview.

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