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Monday, 12 November 2018 20:13

Response to PATU President JI Ho Choi’s blatant Insult to Pioneers and Leaders of the Global Taekwondo Community

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“…..for the sake of the integrity of World Taekwondo (WT) as an organization, Mr. Jiho Choi should resign from the WT!" Gerard Robbins, President/ Founder TAEKWONDO HALL OF FAME® 


In an article released by a press media on 4/6/18 there were several statements made by PATU President Ji Ho Choi about regarding the Taekwondo Hall of Fame and its honorees which were not only grossly inaccurate but perceived by many as being slanderous. Mr. Choi singled out the Taekwondo Hall of Fame stating that it was not official and heavily implied that the award ceremonies are conducted primarily for financial gain at the expense of honorees which he implied were misled.

"Mr. Choi used the above photo in the article to illustrate specifically which organization he was referring to when making his comments. The photo depicts a well known member of the Taekwondo Hall of Fame wearing the official logo and the ring worn only by members of the Taekwondo Hall of Fame which has been visible and identifiable on online posts for several years. The male adorned with the gold medal he won in world competition is a member of the Taekwondo Hall of Fame who is well respected in the Taekwondo community. The photos thus leave no doubt that Mr. Choi is referring to the Taekwondo Hall of Fame. Furthermore Mr. Choi is quoted in the article as saying “…Every(one) knows there is a Hall of Fame already……”

There is little doubt that there are times when an article has errors either due to misunderstanding between the interviewer and person being interviewed. Initially believing Mr. Choi to be a person of integrity, I delayed responding thinking he might request a retraction or correction. However with more than 3 months having passed without correction or retraction I can only conclude that the statements not only originated from Mr. Choi, but were made in a deliberate attempt to defame this organization’s leadership, staff , honorees and the integrity of the organization as a whole..

To begin with the title of the reads that “WT considers Creating the Official Taekwondo Hall of Fame”

Mr. Choi’s acknowledgment of the pre existence of the Taekwondo Hall of Fame eliminates the need to comment as it is impossible to create something which Mr. Choi and the Taekwondo world already knows exists. However to state in the article that the Taekwondo Hall of Fame is “not official” as Mr Choi has said is not only false but highly insulting. His comment clearly suggests that the organization is less than legitimate. By doing so, Mr. Cho insults the organization and every person living or deceased who have dedicated their life to Taekwondo, and as a result received recognition from this organization. Furthermore, whether or not an organization or award is “official” is dependent upon various factors. Those factors include but are not limited to the background and integrity of the organization’s leadership and staff, credentials of those persons honored, the expressed recognition (as being official) by persons most knowledgeable in the field. Also being the first of any kind makes that organization the “official” by design. Any organization that follow using the same name that are not affiliated with the original particularly in the instance of trademark registration should be considered as mere copies or “non official”.

Since 2007 the Taekwondo Hall of Fame which has achieved registered trademark status has held it’s official ceremony in numerous countries specifically Canada, USA, South Korea, North Korea, Croatia, Russia, Iran and the Dominican Republic.

The Taekwondo Hall of Fame has honored persons in more than 60 countries, specifically: Afghanistan, Argentina, Austria, Australia, Bahrain, Bangladesh, Belgium, Bhutan, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Brazil, Cameroon, Canada, Columbia, Costa Rica, Croatia, Cuba, Curacao, Denmark, Dominican Republic, Ecuador Egypt, Germany, Greece, Guatemala, Hong Kong, Iceland, Iran, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Lebanon, Macau, Malaysia, Mali, Mexico, Montenegro, Nepal, Norway, Netherlands, North Korea, Philippines, Peru, Portugal, Saudi Arabia, Serbia, Singapore, Slovenia, Slovakia, South Korea, Spain, Suriname, Switzerland, Tasmania, Thailand, Trinidad & Tobago, Turkey, USA, Venezuela and Yugoslavia. This has never been done in the history of Taekwondo.

Mr. Choi’s suggestion that he might create a Hall of Fame in the Taekwondo related hall of Fame in the Pan Am region. However the Taekwondo Hall of Fame has already honored most of the notable Taekwondo personalities throughout the world which includes in the Pan Am Region with the intent to honor others specifically in the Pan Am region. Those honorees and countries include:

Masters and Grand Masters: Alejandro Chacon Zumbada (Costa Rica), Noemi Prone (Argentina), Fernando Jaramillo (Cuba), Maria Andrea Mancuso (Argentina), Ramon Smith (Dominican Republic), Jose Ramon Reyes (Dominican Republic), Maria Nelly Chacin (Venezuela), Ruben Ayala, (Puerto Rico), Noel King (Jamaica),Inneabelle Diaz Santana (Puerto Rico), Oskar Posada (Colombia), Armando Chavero, (Venezuela), Carlos Hernandez/citation (Venezuela), Michael Vazquez (USA), Michael Warren (USA), Nelson Brizuela Cortes (Costa Rica), Cecilia Jimenez (Bolivia), Chaco Cornelio (Aruba), Stan Nikiel (Canada). Numerous notables from Mexico alone include Ramiro Guzman, Javier Mayen Mena, Isiais Duenas Riestra, Manuel Jurado, Williams De Jesus, and Pilar Leguel.

As the two major factions of Taekwondo are WT (World Taekwondo) and ITF (International Taekwon-do Federation), the president of the Official Taekwondo Hall of Fame has appointed two persons to serve as directors representing the PAN AM Region namely Grand Master Porfirio Alvarez and Grand Master Osvaldo Rios Olivero There are national and regional directors and technical advisors in the Pan Am region and around the world. Those persons conduct research, and using specific guidelines and criteria to nominate candidates in several categories for recognition. This contradicts Mr. Choi’s implication that the Taekwondo Hall of Fame is among those organizations that “do not have a strict recommendation and screening process for public to understand and respect the selected decisions.”


GM Porfirio Alvarez GM Osvaldo Rios Olivero

Grand Master Osvaldo Rios Olivero from Argentina, a student of the late General Choi Hong Hi, President of the ITF Pan Am Council was inducted into the Official Taekwondo Hall of Fame® in 2009. Grand Master Porfiro Alvarez of Colombia was inducted in 2013. Both men can be easily be described as persons, extremely knowledgeable, highly intelligent, and with impeccable character. GM Alvarez gained much experience in the region as special assistant to the late GM Cha Sok Park former President of PATU.

Mainly organize such activities to offset their event expenses and create capital gains by misleading recipients.

Again as Ji Ho has clearly identified by photo the organization whose founder is this writer (Gerard Robbins), it would lead the reader to believe he was referring specifically to this writer’s organization.

As Mr. Choi has clearly singled out the Taekwondo Hall of Fame by using the photo of our member, the reader is led to believe that Mr. Choi is referring specifically to the Taekwondo Hall of Fame, or at minimum placing the Taekwondo Hall of Fame in the same category as other Halls of Fame who may be operating in an inappropriate manner.

“Mainly organize such activities to offset their event expenses and create capital gains by misleading recipients”.

Here Mr. Choi conflates requesting fees to support an organization similar to others which is normal, with a scheme devised merely to make a profit.

Along with the photo of a member of the Taekwondo Hall of Fame Mr. Choialso implies that the Taekwondo Hall of Fame is operating surreptitiously with the wording “Institutions in the shadows”.


Perhaps the most prestigious ceremony of its kind ever held in the history of Taekwondo was when the Taekwondo Hall of Fame held its official ceremony in Kukkiwon World Taekwondo Headquarters on August 25, 2011. Numerous Taekwondo leaders from around the world were in attendance including Professor Kook Hyun Jung world first 4 Time world champion and GM Dong Keun Park Korea’s greatest all time national champion. The ceremony was presided over by GM Won Sik Kang the president of Kukkiwon shown here addressing the spectators and honorees.

GM Dong Keun Park (l) and Professor Kook Hyun Jung (r)) named Korea’s all time greatest national and world Champions at the historic ceremony held at Kukkiwon World Taekwondo Hqts. in 2011


Below is a partial list of letter of recognition received from pioneers, leaders and champions from all over the world acknowledging the authenticity and official status of the Taekwondo Hall of Fame.

Master Cesar Rodriguez Luna World Silver Medalist Mexico 1/06/06
GM Won Chik Park, President U.S. Taekwondo Grandmaster Society 3/27/06
GM Kim Bok Man Founder of Taekwondo in South East Asia 7/08/06
Master Daniel Hollinger, President ITF-Suisse Switzerland 11/24/06
Dave Askinas, CEO / Secretary General USA Taekwondo 4/05/07
GM Jhoon Rhee, Father of Taekwondo in the USA 4/06/07
GM Kyung Ho Min, Pioneer of AAU TKD & Chair. University TKD 4/06/07
GM Sang Min Cho, Founder of Taekwon-Do in Brazil 6/01/07
GM Benny Rivera , Father of Taekwon-Do in Puerto Rico 7/10/07
GM Young Il Kong Pioneer of Taekwon-Do Vietnam 10/23/07
GM David Kim, USA Coach 1st World Taekwondo Championships 2/10/08
Master Ji Ho Choi, President of WTF Pan Am Taekwondo Union 2/01/08
GM Mounir Ghrawi, Founder of Taekwon-Do in the Middle East 3/23/08
GM Jong Soo Park, Pioneer Instructor & Former. VP of ITF 4/19/08
GM Pyung Gyu Cho, Pioneer & ITF Technical Committee Chairman 7/25/08
GM Choi Chang Keun Taekwon-Do Pioneer 8/08/08
Master Hyung Sun Lee, Section Chief, Kukkiwon, Korea 9/08/08
Master Chol kyu Kim, ITF Executive Board Member Austria 11/04/08
Master Rafa Lopez ITF Spain National Team Member 12/19/08
GM Joon Jae Lee Pioneer of Taekwon-Do 2008
Master Dalibor Medic, VP Austrian National Taekwon-Do Fed. 1/30/09
Abdoulaye Diop, Mali Ambassador to the United States 3/30/09
Hon. Jon S. Corzine, New Jersey State Governor 4/10/09
Master Enrique Deacon, President ITF Federation Peru 4/20/09
United States Senator Elaine K. Alquist 4/10/09
Master Ernie Reyes, Bronze Medalist 3rd World TKD Champs. 4/03/09
Ahn Sang Soo Senator Korea National Assembly South Korea 4/10/09
GM Greg Fears 2 Time World Silver Medalist USA 4/10/09
United States Congressman Michael M. Honda 4/10/09
Carine Lahoud Murr, President of Lebanon Taekwondo Federation 4/10/09
Master Rafael Medina, 1st USA CISM Champion 4/16/09
GM Tran Trieu Quan, President of International Taekwon-do Fed. 10/25/09
GM Kim Pyung Soo, President / Founder Kim Soo Karate 2009
Dr. PC Ekeja Nigeria Sports Commission 2009
Dr. Tom Seabourne 2x USA National Champion 2009
GM Dong Won Kang, ITF Pioneer Instructor 2009
Rex Hatfield, President National Collegiate Taekwondo Assn. 1/24/10
Master Ivan Fernald Minister of Defense Surinam & 1st Pan Am Champion 1/28/10
Dr. Un Yong Kim, First President of World TKD Federation 9/13/10
GM Han Sam Soo Pioneer ITF Instructor 2010 2010
GM Ross Hartnett, Ist President of Commonwealth TKD Union Australia 7/09/11
Nasser A. A. President of UAE Taekwondo & Karate Federation 7/16/11
Hon. GM Linda Park, President Global Taekwondo Federation - Canada 8/21/11
Lee Chong Woo, Former VP World Taekwondo Federation 2011
GM Sabree Saleh, President of Malaysia Global Taekwondo Federation 2011
GM David, Father of Taekwon-Do in Lebanon 2011
Master Marcelo Rezende, President Brazil Police & Fire Sports Federation 2011
Mohammed Shirzai, Pres. / Founder Afghan Natl. Taekwon-Do Assn. 3/8/12
Master Nelson Chia, Founder / CEO Greater China Taekwon-Do Fed. 3/09/13
Dr. He Young Kim, President World Han Mu Kwan & TKD Historian USA 7/14/13
GM Ali Modiri, Olympic Referee & Pioneer of Taekwondo in Iran 9/11/13
GM Lim Ching Sing, Pres. Advanced Taekwon-Do International Canada 10/23/13
Hon. Brian Sandoval Nevada State Governor 10/08/13
Carine Lahoud, Executive Board Member & VP Asian Taekwondo Union 10/18/13
GM Mojtaba Nazmdeh, Pioneer of Taekwondo in Iran / Olympic Referee 2013
GM Kang Shin Chul, President WTTU / Chairman Tech. Committee Korea 2013
Chungwon Choue, President of World Taekwondo Federation 2013
Chan Ho Kim, Commander Republic of Korea Navy / President of CSM TKD 2013
Seyed Mohammed Pouledgar, Pres. of Iran Taekwondo Federation 2/08/14
GM Puran Andrew Gurung, Father of Taekwondo in India & Nepal 5/03/14
Nuhi Gashi, President of Kosovo Taekwondo Federation 8/25/14
Master Michael Cormack, ITF World Champion Canada 9/01/14
Senior Master Dimitris Kosmoglou Greece 9/06/14
Sheamus O’Neil, President World Taekwodo Association Ireland 2014 9/18/14
Master Parm Rai, ITF Technical Committee Chairman Canada 9/30/14
GM Michael J. O’Malley, US National Team Member 10/28/14
GM Seri Vibhativanija, First National Champion of Thailand 11/14/14
GM Young Bo Kong 1st ITF World Champion 2014
Prof. Kuk Jung Hyun, Chairman of WTF Technical Committee 2014
GM Mohammed Ismail Azarpad Pioneer of Taekwondo in Iran 2014
GM Chong Lee, Father of Taekwondo in Canada 2014
GM Ahmad Shakib Barati, Afghanistan Trainer Germany 2014
GM Soo Kon Kim, President Universal Taekwondo Assn. USA 2014
GM Lee Won Il, Korea Unification Advisory Counsel 1/28/15
Farzad Zarakhsh, 1996 Asian Gold Medalist Iran 3/22/15
GM Jong Chan Kim Pioneer Taekwon-Do California USA 5/05/15
Lauren Burns, First Olympic Gold Medalist Australia 06/18/15
GM Peter Mijic, Pioneer of Taekwondo in Croatia 10/24/15
GM Louis Arroyo Gonzales, President Puerto Rico Taekwondo Fed. 2015
GM Bidhan Lama, 1988 Olympic Medalist USA 2015
Master Bongseok Kim, President CISM Taekwondo Committee 6/09/16
Master Herb Perez 1992 Olympic Gold Medalist USA 4/26/16
GM Gerard Van Den Berg, Member Netherlands Technical Commission 5/01/16
Master Bongseok Kim, President CISM Taekwondo Committee 6/09/16
GM Bidhan Lama, 1988 Olympic Medalist USA 9/26/16
Noor Mohammed Shirzai, Pres. Deputy, All Afghan Taekwon-Do Assn. 11/10/16
Mohammed Reza Makvandi, Father of Taekwondo in Bangladesh 12/22/16
Master Jay Warwick, Olympic Medalist USA 1/02/17
GM Kevin Woon, 2004 Olympic Referee Malaysia 1/19/17
GM El Hadj Bamaarouf, Rep. World Chung Do Kwan Morocco 1/23/17
Master Svetlana Kana Gvozdic, International Referee Croatia 1/28/17

Below are quotes extracted from several letters received over the years.

“Thank you for your letter dated September 12, 2010 informing me of your invitation to the Hall of Fame with distinct title of “Taekwondo Global Ambassador”. Anything which is to add to Universal Martial Art Sport will be my privilege and honor.”

Dr. Un Yong Kim, IOC Vice President (r)
Founding President of WTF

“I extend the warmest greeting to the honorees and special guests attending the Official Taekwondo Hall of Fame being held here for the first time in Korea at Kukkiwon World Taekwondo Headquarters.”

Lee Chong Woo
President of Jidokwan (frmr)
Former Secretary General WTF

“Gerard Robbins a 3 time national champion and founder of the
Official Taekwondo Hall of Fame is to be commended for his
cornerstone achievement”.

Dr. Chungwon Choue, President
WORLD TAEKWONDO (formerly World Taekwondo Federation)

“Because of you every student of TKD has the opportunity to learn
about the pioneers of Tae Kwon-Do

GM Young Il Kong, President,
World Taekwondo Alliance (WTA)

“A special thank you for establishing the Taekwondo Hall of Fame and recognizing the achievements and accomplishments of many practitioners around the world.”

Grand Master Choi Chang Keun, Pioneer of Taekwon-Do

“I applaud your actions to recognize the achievements of the pioneers
and leaders of Taekwondo”

Grand Master Tran Treiu Quan, ITF President

“There is always one person , one idea that stands out amongst the
many others. I believe the Taekwondo Hall of fame and the image
portrayed by the organization and it’s founder does just that!”

Linda Park, President, Global Taekwon-Do Federation

Taekwondo Hall of Fame President & Founder Gerard Robbins with PATU President
Ji Ho Choi who is apparently “all smiles” shortly before he unleashes his unwarranted derogatory remarks in a public forum were directed toward the Taekwondo Hall of Fame. (MASTKD article released on 4/16/18)

However, one of the most ironic letters received was from Mr. Ji Ho Choi himself. On behalf of the PAN AM TAEKWONDO UNION, he praised the work of the Taekwondo Hall of Fame, doing so on official letterhead. In addition to writing the letter Mr. Choi would later recommended several persons to be honored by the Taekwondo Hall of Fame.

Being the first person of African descent to receive a Jidokwan 9th dan from Korea, a member of the first official USA National Taekwondo Team in 1975, and having more than 48 years of involvement in Taekwondo, I am extremely proud to be the president and founder the official Taekwondo Hall of Fame.

Several persons who have read Mr. Choi’s remarks expressed their opinion to me regarding why they believe he made such remarks. I also have my personal belief as to why he has singled out the organization that I founded. However, I do not feel it appropriate, or constructive to express those beliefs at this time. I believe that as leaders and senior dan holders we should put our personal feelings and beliefs aside and work together for the overall betterment of Taekwondo. In that regard the Taekwondo Hall of Fame is devoted to honoring all persons who deserve recognition regardless of religion, geographic location, organizational affiliation or race.

It should be noted that members of the Taekwondo Hall of Fame are affiliated with WT, ITF, WTA and other organizations located in all parts of the global. Thus when President Ji Ho Choi makes negative comments with regard to the Taekwondo Hall of Fame or any organization, those comments have the potential to create hostility between members of those organizations and the WT,.

Furthermore, the PATU President who is also a Vice President of World Taekwondo is not only a leader but the face of the largest Taekwondo organization. In the world. As such, any comment he makes in the public forum may carry a significant negative or positive impact. If his comments in the MASTKD article were misinterpreted or otherwise incorrect he should contact the writer and request that the article be corrected. He should also apologize for his utilization of the photo depicting one of our esteemed members bearing our logo and official ring. It was that photo which made t clear to many that Mr. Choi was referring to the Taekwondo Hall of Fame.
“If Mr. Ji Ho Choi declines to apologize , it is my opinion, that for the sake of the integrity of World Taekwondo (WT), as an organization, Mr. Ji Ho Choi should resign from the WT.”

This is not the first time Mr. Choi has made controversial or negative comments.
I had several conversations with Mr. Choi at a martial arts store which he managed several years ago in South Hackensack, New Jersey on one occasion. We discussed that fact that we had trained under the instructor. During that conversation Mr. Choi said it was his opinion that many Koreans felt embarrassed that the Taekwondo Hall of Fame was not created in Korea the birthplace of Taekwondo. Mr. Choi further said a few years after the Taekwondo Hall of Fame was created he observed WTF President Chungwon Choue express regret that the WTF had not created the Taekwondo Hall of Fame. Mr. Choi said he then personally reminded the President Chungwon Choue that it was he (Mr. Ji Ho Choi) who had earlier informed him that he should somehow attempt to take control of the Taekwondo Hall of Fame.

However, in very cordial conversation that I had with President Chungwon Choue during one of his visits to New Jersey President Choue congratulated me for creating the Taekwondo Hall of Fame. See his letter of acknowledgment of the Taekwondo Hall of Fame’s status as an “official” at  HYPERLINK "http://www.taekwondohalloffame.com" www.taekwondohalloffame.com

Gerard Robbins 2nd left with the First Official USA National Taekwondo Team at
the 2nd World Taekwondo Championships held at Kukkiwon, Seoul, Korea in 1975

In closing, I have listed my Taekwondo related bio which due to my experience ultimately led to the creation of the Taekwondo Hall of Fame. I have also included information regarding my personal background.

Gerard Robbins, President / Founder
Official Taekwondo Hall of Fame
Member of the First Official USA National Taekwondo Team (1975)


9th Dan (Jidokwan #317) First person of African descent to receive 9th Dan from Korea
Founder / Official Taekwondo Hall of Fame®
First Taekwondo Black Belt named "All American" by Amateur Athletic Union of the United States ('75)

2007 Director Inaugural Official Taekwondo Hall of Fame Ceremony - USA
2009 Director 2nd Official Taekwondo Hall of Fame Ceremony - USA
2011 Director 3rd Official Taekwondo Hall of Fame Ceremony - KUKKIWON - Seoul, Korea
2013 Director 4th Official Taekwondo Hall of Fame Ceremony Las Vegas, USA
2014 Director of 5th Official Taekwondo Hall of Fame Ceremony - Tehran, Iran
2015 Director 6th Official Taekwondo Hall of Fame Ceremony in PyongYang, North Korea
2015 Director 7th Official Taekwondo Hall of Fame Ceremony in Toronto, Canada
2015 Director 8th Official Taekwondo Hall of Fame Ceremony in Zagreb, Croatia
2017 Director 9th Official Taekwondo Hall of Fame Certemony New York City, USA


Grand Champion, Penn Taekwondo Championships, Norristown, PA, ('72)
2nd Pl. Breaking , Richard Chun Universal Open Taekwondo Championships, ('72)
Grand Champion, Pu Gill Kwons Universal Championships, Atlantic City, NJ, ('73)
Grand Champion, Mahn Suh Park Taekyun Championships, ('73)
First Place Heavyweight, Mahn Suh Park Taekyun Championships, ('73)
1st Place Forms U.S. Open United Taekwondo Championships, Cincinnati, Ohio
1st Place Forms, Kyong Lee College Championships, Toronto ('74)
Member of USA Team "Battle of Champions" USA v Canada - Montreal ('75)
Grand Champion Nam Son Paek's Championships ('75)
Grand Champion Brooklyn International Championships ('75)
Grand Champion Ik Jo Kang's Taekwondo Championship - NY (.75)
Grand Champion Howard Lee's Taekwondo Championships ('75)
Grand Champion Won Keun Bai's Taekwondo Championships ('750
Member USA Team "Battle of Champions" USA v Canada - Montreal, Canada ('76)
Gold Medalist 1st USA National AAU Taekwondo Heavy Sparring ('75)
Gold Medalist 1st USA National AAU Taekwondo Championships Poomsae ('75) Competed in 2nd World Taekwondo Championships Seoul, Korea ('75)
Grand Champion Ki Chung Kim' s Championships (Master's Division) ('75)
1st Place Forms Worley's Mid America Championships ('86)
Competed in 1st Pre-World Taekwondo Games Seoul, Korea ('78)
First Place Heavyweight, Henry Cho's All American Open Championships, ('78)
Gold Medalist National Taekwondo Championships ('78)
Gold Medalist 1st Pan Am Taekwondo Championships - Mexico City ('78)
Grand Champion All American Open Championships - NY ('78)
2nd Forms All American Open Championships - NY ('78)
Grand Champion West Coast Open Championships - Los Angeles CA. ('78)
Grand Champion 1st Caribbean Taekwondo Championships ('78)
1st Place Poomsae 1st Caribbean Taekwondo Championships ('78)
Grand Champion 2nd Caribbean Taekwondo Championships ('79)
Silver Medalist AAU National Taekwondo Championships ('79)
Grand Champion Won Keun Bai's Taekwondo Championships ('81)
First Place Heavyweight, Won Keun Bai's Championships, ('81)
First Place Heavyweight, Henry Cho's All American Open Championships, ('81)
Grand Champion Atlantic Open Karate Championships ('82)
Grand Champion Suk Jun Kim's U.S. Open Taekwondo ('82)
Bronze Medalist Suk Jun Kim's U.S. Open Taekwondo Championships ('83)
Gold Medalist 2nd New Jersey State Taekwondo Championships ('83)
Grand Champion Eagle Cup Taekwondo Championships ('84)
Grand Champion Y. B Choi's 12th Annual Taekwondo Championships ('86)
Gold Medalist Garden State Games - Taekwondo Division ('86)
Gold Medalist Garden State Games - Karate Division ('86)
1st Place Forms Worley's Mid America Championships ('86)
Silver Medalist Keystone State Championships ('87)
Grand Champion Ki Yun Yi's Taekwondo Championships ('88)
Bronze Medalist U.S.T.U New Jersey State Games ('88)

Featured in numerous martial arts publications including Taekwondo Times,
Traditional Taekwondo, Black Belt Magazine, Karate Illustrated, and Official Karate.
Member - The Korea Society/ New York
Member- Korean Business Central 
International Advisor -Korea Martial Arts Society

Former Investigator with the Office of the Passaic County Prosecutor (84-96)
Ret. Investigator II with the State of N.J. Office of the Public Defender (96-2018)
Former Instructor at the Passaic County Police Academy
Member of the New Jersey Police Honor Legion"


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