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(You can find at the end all the information in order to buy the Taekwondo Game "Master Theory")

From the Hwarang Do Taekwondo Club in Bogotá - Colombia, the official presentation of the Taekwondo Didactic Game "MASTER THEORY" was made.

The authors José Rodrigo Nocove and Jorge Hernán Castro presented the First ever Taekwondo Didactic Game, with highlights the great pedagogical component, the dynamics in learning and the powerful didactic resource. All this was expressed in a video for Taekwondo Radio, where they also addressed other aspects of the game, in addition they made a detailed description. At the end the authors made the Out Box of the game and made a brief explanation of the rules of the game.

The Taekwondo Game "Master Theory" is ready on sale, we leave information to buy.


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Hwarang-Do Taekwondo Club of Bogotá. Avenida Boyaca # 55-14 - Floor 2 Barrio Normandía, telephone: +57 315 8516 958.

The cost of the Taekwondo Game "Master Theory" $ 50,000 (Colombian currency) USD $ 16.00 (US dollars), shipments worldwide with payment on delivery.

"Having a better knowledge in theoretical aspects makes the practitioner empower their process, resulting in a better performance in practice" - Authors of the "Master Theory".


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The first day took place in the second Grand Slam Series of Taekwondo began its actions in Wuxi, China, when jumping to the scene when the athletes of four categories: -67kg female, + 67kg female, -80kg male and 80kg male .

The scenario for the most important sporting fair in the world of taekwondo was at the Taihu International Expo Center in Wuxi. The best events in the world, including the previous Grand Slam champion and gold medalists in each of the five Grand Prix events in 2018, were competed.

In the women's category of -67kg, Ruth Gbagbi, from Ivory Coast, in the hand of winners of the Grand Slam Grand Slam Champions Champions Series. Jie Song of China 2-0 in the best of the three round. Taoyuan Grand Prix champion Paige Mc Pherson from the USA UU., And Manchester Grand Prix champion Lauren Williams of Great Britain will meet in the second quarter final, after both athletes won their preliminary rounds 2-0. The other two quarterfinals have two Chinese stars, to the delight of the local crowd. Yunfei Guo from China and the champion of the Moscow Matea Grand Prix.


Preliminary rounds of + 67 kg women saw the crowd favorite, Chen Li, of China, narrowly beat Raphaella Galacho of Brazil. Li is now paired against the number one favorite and pre-tournament favorite Bianca Walkden. Huan Wang of China fought hard to beat Nafia Kus of Turkey 2-1 and will now face Aleksandra Kowalczuk of Poland, who won her preliminary round against Yaxin Liu 2-0. The third quarter-final will feature an all-American showdown between Jackie Galloway and Madelynn Gorman-Shore. Galloway received a message in the first round, while Gorman-Shore beat Juan Shi of China 2-0. Rebecca McGowan of Great Britain defeated Cansel Deniz 2-1 to put together a fight against number two, Shuyin Zheng of China, who received a notification in the last quarterfinal.

In the quarter-finals of the 80 kilos, the number one seed, Maksim Khramtcov, will face Nikita Rafalovich, of Uzbekistan, after Rafalovich defeated Aaron Cook of Moldova and Khramtcov received a comment. Speak a completely Chinese showdown between Linglong Chen and Ke Ren in the final second quarter. Chen beat Tsung Yeh Yang of Chinese Taipei in round one 2-1, while Ren beat Raúl Martínez García of Spain 2-0. Hwan Namgoong from Korea and Icaro

The final weight category of the day does not compete with the athletes at + 80 kg. The number one favorite, Kyo-don In of Korea, received a goodbye to face Dmitriy Shokin of Uzbekistan, who defeated Mahama Cho of Great Britain 2-0. Lutalo Muhammad of Great Britain beat Radik Isaev 2-0, and faced Hongyi Sun of China, who beat Jintao Liu of China. Gil-young Byeon from Korea oversaw a Qiang Xu from China for a score of 2-1 in the first round. Byeon will now fight against Sajjad Mardani of Iran, who narrowly defeated Stephen Lambdin of the USA. UU In a round of gold points. In the last quarter-final, Anthony Mylann Obame of Gabon faced a Zhaoxiang song in China, both won their preliminary fights by a score of 2-1.

The action continues tomorrow, and the athletes compete in the round of 16 of the -49kg female, -58kg male, -57kg female and -68kg male.

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The competitors of the categories: -49kg female, -57kg female, -58kg male and -68kg male offered an excellent show.

Feminine -49kg

The women's category -49kg saw the number one and the 2017 Grand Slam champion So-hui Kim of Korea progress by defeating China's favorite Qing Guo in a tense round of gold points. Kim will now face compatriot Min-Ah Ha in the quarterfinals after the latter overtook Iryna Romoldanova of Ukraine. Jae-young Sim of Korea will face China's Xueqin Tan after each athlete convincingly outscored his opponents 2-0 and 2-1 respectively. Korea's third seed Bora Kang also booked her place in the quarterfinals by defeating Jordyn Smith of Great Britain 2-0. Kang will now face Napaporn Charanawat of Thailand, who beat Zeliha Agris of Turkey 2-1. The final quarterfinal of the weight category will be played between Yuntao Wenren of China and Manchester and the Taoyuan Grand Prix Champion, Panipak Wongpattanakit of Thailand, after each fighter defeated his opponents 2-0.

Feminine -57kg

Irem Yaman, the number one seed of 57 kilos of women from Turkey, received a goodbye in the preliminary round and will now face Marija Stetic, who defeated her compatriot Bruna Vuletic Croatian 2-0. To the delight of the local crowd, Zongshi Luo of China also booked his place in the neighborhoods by defeating Phannapa Harnsujin of Thailand in a captivating round of gold dots. Luo will now face Rome and Manchester Grand Prix champion Jade Jones of Great Britain in the quarterfinals. Lijun Zhou of China and Hatice Kubra Ilgun of Turkey will also meet in the quarters, as each of them beat their opponents 2-0. The last quarter-final will be fought between second seed Ah-Reum Lee of Korea, who received a goodbye, and Nikita Glasnovic of Croatia, who defeated Chia-ling Lo of Korea 2-0.

Male -58kg

In the men's -58kg quarterfinals, No. 1 seed Tae-hun Kim of Korea will face Tawin Hanprab of Thailand after Hanprab defeated Vito Dell'Aquila of Italy and Kim received a goodbye. A tense Chinese preliminary round between Yushuai Liang and Xiongbin Ouyang finally saw Liang progress. Liang will now face Rome Grand Prix champion Mikhail Artamonov of Russia after convincingly defeating Seongshin Kim of Korea 2-0. Armin Hadipour Seighalani of Iran received a goodbye and will now face Ramnarong Sawekwiharee of Thailand, who beat Ruidong Wu of China 2-0. Xiaoyi Chen of China defeated Jesus Tortosa Cabrera of Spain 2-0 and set a quarter-final with number two, favorite Jun Jang of Korea, who was given a goodbye.

Male -68kg

The final weight category of the day saw the athletes compete in the male -68kg. The number one and four times Grand Prix winner in 2018, Dae-hoon Lee of Korea was fired in the first round, but will face the impressive Vladimir Dalakliev of Bulgaria in the quarterfinals. Dalakliev convincingly beat Viacheslav Minin of Russia in round 16 with a score of 2-0. Britain's Bradly Sinden had to win a tense golden spot against Jinyu Wang of China to reserve her place in the quarterfinals. Sinden will now face Turkey's Hakan Recber, who impressively defeated Xiang Sun of China. The number three favorite, Yu-Jen Huang, of Chinese Taipei, received a goodbye in the round of 16 and will face Javier Perez Polo, of Spain, who threw the winning blow in an exciting round of golden points against Guodong Song of China . The final quarterfinals will be fought between No. 2 seed Shuai Zhao of China and Dong-yun Shin of Korea after Zhao farewell and Shin convincingly beat Christian McNeish of Great Britain 2-0. in the round of 16.

Tomorrow a stellar lineup awaits us, while the athletes prepare to compete in the quarterfinals of the male weight categories -58kg, female + 67kg, male -80kg and female -57kg.

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The live YouTube live streaming of the Taekwondo Grand Slam Championship.


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The semifinal route has already been marked in its eight categories: Men -58kg, Men's 68kg, Men's -80kg, Men's + 80kg, Women's -49kg, Women's W-57kg, Women's -67kg, Women's + 67kg.

On the third day of the Wuxi 2018 World Taekwondo Grand Slam Champions series, the taekwondo athletes advanced to the semifinals after a great level in the quarterfinals.

Here is the detail of each category.

Male -58kg

The -58 kg male category saw the number one favorite Tae-hun Kim from Korea convincingly beat Thailand's Tawin Hanprab 2-0 to set up a semi-final bout with China's Yushuai Liang. The crowd favorite, Liang narrowly beat the number four seed and Rome Grand Prix champion Mikhail Artamonov of Russia in a round of gold points in what was the first shocking result of the day. The second semifinal will be played between the number two and three seeds, Jun Jang of Korea and Armin Hadipour Seighalani of Iran, after both progressed convincingly with a 2-0 victory. Seighalani passed in front of Ramnarong Sawekwihareare of Thailand, while Jun Jang beat Xiaoyi Chen of China.

Male -68kg

In the first quarter-final of the men's category of -68 kg, the favorite of Dae-Hoon Lee of Korea before the tournament beat Vladimir Dalakliev of Bulgaria 2-0. Lee will now face No. 5 seed Bradly Sinden of Great Britain after Sinden defeated Hakan Recber of Turkey 2-0. In a sparkling golden spot, Javier Perez Polo, of Spain, eliminated the number three of the planted Yu-Jen Huang of Taipei, much to the surprise of the crowd. Perez Polo will test his skills against the number two seed, Shuai Zhao, of China. Zhao had the support of the crowd, as he also had to overcome a dramatic round of golden points in his quarterfinals against Korea's Dong-yun Shin.

Male -80kg

The number one seed, Maksim Khramtcov, of Russia, survived a scare against Nikita Rafalovich of Uzbekistan in the first quarterfinals of the 80 kilos. The fight went to a round of gold points, but it was Khramtcov who threw the winning shot. Now he will face China's Linglong Chen in the semifinals. Chen had a much smoother quarter-final as he beat fellow Chinese star Ke Ren 2-0. The second semi-final will be played between favorite number three Hwan Namgoong of Korea and number seven favorite Milad Beigi Harchegani of Azerbaijan. In another impressive round of gold points, Namgoong beat Icaro Migel Soares of Spain, in what was one of the fights of the tournament so far. In addition, Harchegani won convincingly to No. 2 seed Jiannan Huang of China 2-0.

Male + 80kg

In the men's category of + 80 kg, Kyo-don In received another goodbye, as his proposed opponent, Dmitriy Shokin, of Uzbekistan, had to retire due to an injury. In, yet to fight, we will now face Hongyi Sun of China in the semifinals after Sun defeated Lutalo Muhammad of Great Britain 2-0. In another surprising result, Sajjad Mardani of Iran eliminated the number three, Gil-young Byeon of Korea. Mardani will now face the song of China Zhaoxiang. Song defeated Anthony Mylann Obame of Gabon in his quarterfinals.

Feminine -49kg

The number one seed, So-hui Kim of Korea, was eliminated from the tournament by his Korean teammate and ninth seed Min-Ah Ha, after Ha got the winning shot in the gold-stitched round. He has now faced China's Xueqin Tan in the semifinals, after Tan beat Jae-young Sim of Korea 2-0. The third seed Bora Kang eliminated Napaporn Charanawat of Turkey 2-0. Kang will face the number two seed Panipak Wongpattanakit of Thailand in the semifinals. Wongpattanakit beat China Yuntao Wenren convincingly 2-0.

Female W-57 kg

In the women's -57kg, Marija Stetic eliminated the number one, Irem Yaman, of Turkey, after Stetic won the fight 2-0. Fourth seed Jade Jones will face Stetic in the semifinals, after she also won her quarter-final against China's Zongshi Luo 2-0. The number three favorite, Lijun Zhou of China, also advanced to the semifinals by beating Hatice Kubra Ilgun of Turkey 2-0. Zhou will face Ah-Reum Lee of Korea in the second semifinal. Lee beat Nikita Glasnovic of Croatia 2-0 in his fourth.

Female -67kg

Top-seeded Ruth Gbagbi of Côte d'Ivoire coached convincingly Hyeri Oh of Korea 2-0. Gbagbi will fight with Manchester Grand Prix champion Lauren Williams of Great Britain, who also won her quarterfinal against Paige McPherson of the United States 2-0. The number three favorite, Yunfei Guo from China, beat Matea Jelic from Croatia...

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There will be five days in which the action of the best taekwondo in the world will be lived in seven areas of competence.

In the official portal of the event the details of the event will be published as follows:

"To ensure that athletes are better." final matches. A true "super Sunday"!

There is also more action to enjoy with the expected fields of 128 per weight division from -46 kg (female) to + 87 kg (male).

Manchester 2018 World Taekwondo GP


Here is the full detail of the weight categories as they will appear in Manchester this May:

Wednesday, May 15
The session of the day includes: Preliminaries, Elimination Rounds and Quarterfinals for F -46kg, F -73kg, M -58kg

The afternoon session includes: Opening Ceremony and semifinals for F -46kg, F -73kg, M -58kg

Expect to see: Tae Hun Kim (Korea) and Jesús Tortosa Cabrera (Spain)

Thursday, May 16
The session of the day includes: Preliminaries, Rounds of elimination and Quarters of end for F + 73kg, M -54kg, M -68kg

The afternoon session includes: semifinals of + 73 kg, M -54 kg and M -68 kg, finals and victory ceremonies for F -46 kg, F -73 kg and M -58 kg

Expect to see: the British Bianca Walkden and Bradly Sinden, as well as the Male Athlete of the Year 2018, Lee Dae-Hoon (Korea)

Friday, May 17
The session of the day includes: preliminaries, control rounds and quarterfinals for F-49kg, F-57kg and M -74kg

The afternoon session includes: semifinals of F-49kg, F-57kg and M-74kg, finals and victory ceremonies for F + 73kg, M -54kg and M -68kg

Expect to see: the double Olympic champion of Great Britain, Jade Jones and the number 1 ranking Panipak Wongpattinakit (Thailand)

Saturday, May 18
The session of the day includes: preliminary, rounds of control and quarterfinals for F -53kg, F -67kg, M -63kg, M -80kg

The night session includes: semifinals F -53kg, F -67kg, M -63kg and M -89kg, finals and victory ceremonies for F -49kg, F -57kg and M -74kg

Expect to see: the British Lauren Williams and Damon Sansum, Maksim Khramctov (Russia) and Aaron Cook (Moldova)

Sunday, May 19
The session of the day includes: Preliminaries, Rounds of elimination for F -62kg, M -87kg and M + 87kg, Round of 16, Quarterfinals and semifinals for F -62kg, M -87kg and M + 87kg

The afternoon session includes: Final and Victory Ceremonies for F -53kg, F -67kg, M -63kg, M -80kg, F -62kg, M -87kg and M + 87kg more, the Closing Ceremony!

Expect to see: British heavyweights, Lutalo Muhammad and Mahama Cho go for gold together with Vladislav Larin (Russia) in "Super Sunday"

Tickets are released in phases and are now in phase 2. Prices start from just £ 11 adults or £ 6 juniors. "These prices will remain until April 1."

The ticket office to attend the Manchester Taekwondo World Championship will be open from May 15 to 19, 2019 at the Manchester Arena box office, it is also available through ticketmaster.co.uk

For more information visit the official website of the event by clicking here >>

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The World Karate Federation or WKF presents the "PhotoBook" official photographic record of the Karate World Championship in more than 25 pages of vibrant emotion and joy.

The photo book O "PhotoBook" of the 2018 World Karate Championship. A gift for sports fans, now you can relive all the excitement of the memorable edition number 24 of the biggest Karate event with the best photos of the room. Sports of the WiZink Center.

All the action, the celebrations, all the winners and the information of the historical championships are shown in this essential document for all Karate fans.

About the official photographic record of the WKF or photo book

Produced by the Media Department of the World Karate Federation or WKF, the Photo Book captures the highlights of the memorable World Championships through a series of outstanding images. With no less than 54 pages, the photo book reflects the magnitude and sporting spirit of an event forever in the annals of this sport.

Now is the time for Karate fans to look back and rejoice as the PhotoBook relives the unforgettable 2018 World Karate Championship. The PhotoBook is a document not to be missed by true sports enthusiasts.


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The first Paris Peace Forum was attended by 65 Heads of State and Government and 10 leaders of international organizations, and more than 10,000 visitors from all horizons.

In past months, the Taekwondo Humanitarian Foundation (THF) was selected among 850 applicants to present the project "PEACE THROUGH TAEKWONDO - PEACE FORUM" at the first Paris Peace Forum (PPF) held from November 11 to 13. , 2018 in Paris. A new annual global platform dedicated to governance, international cooperation and peace, the Paris Peace Forum aims to strengthen and improve international cooperation by bringing together the actors of global governance, from states and international organizations to civil society, and presenting projects and initiatives designed to improve global governance. in five key areas: peace and security, environment, development, new technologies and even economy.

The first Paris Peace Forum was attended by 65 Heads of State and Government and 10 leaders of international organizations, and more than 10,000 visitors from all horizons, such as local governments, NGOs and foundations, companies, experts, journalists, trade unions, groups religious. and citizens to exchange and discuss concrete solutions of global governance to guarantee a lasting peace. The Taekwondo Humanitarian Foundation delegates at the venue included the Taekwondo Humanitarian Foundation Executive Director, Mr. Roger Piarulli, the Member of the World Taekwondo Council, Ms. Nadin Dawani and the Taekwondo Humanitarian Foundation Consultant, Mr. Massimiliano Di Cola.

Taekwondo Humanitarian Foundationwas selected as one of the 120 projects and governance initiatives that will be presented in the forum's peace and security village with a dedicated presentation booth that allows for fruitful networking opportunities, particularly visited by high-level personalities, parties interested in global governance and the media.

Taekwondo Humanitarian Foundation also presented on November 12 as a featured project in the round table on peacebuilding and reconciliation, and the golden alliance of sports and diplomacy. Recognizing that sport provides invaluable resources for inclusion, reconciliation and peacebuilding, the panel focused on how to best exploit the potential of sport to foster peace. With M. Di Cola as a Taekwondo Humanitarian Foundation delegate, other panelists included the French professional soccer player Youri Jorkaeff, the General Secretary of the Supreme Council for the Delivery and Legacy of Qatar 2022 HE. Hassan El Thawadi and the Director of Sports and Development of the Commonwealth Secretariat Oliver Dudfield.


By presenting his initiative as "Peace through Taekwondo" and by focusing his presentation on the power of Taekwondo to catalyze peace, Taekwondo Humanitarian Foundation's participation in the Paris Peace Forum, which aims to become the new Davos for Peace and Governance , was totally aligned with the vision of the Taekwondo Humanitarian Foundation President. Dr. Chungwon Choue, that "peace is better than triumph". With such an invitation, Dr. Choue has continually invited world sporting leaders to collaborate with World Taekwondo and Taekwondo Humanitarian Foundation on offering sports for refugees and displaced youth.

Click here to find more information about the Paris Peace Forum.

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The next induction ceremony to the OFFICIAL TAEKWONDO HALL OF FAME will take place on AUGUST 24, 2019 in BANGKOK, THAILAND and it will be number 15.

These are some of the countries where this great event has taken place: IRAN, SOUTH KOREA, CROATIA, USA, NORTH KOREA, DOMINICAN REPUBLIC, CANADA, RUSSIA.

The OFFICIAL TAEKWONDO FAME has more than 60 affiliated countries.


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