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"Learning to know phenomena that sustain the movement, relevant to the preparation of Poomsae and how these variables in the appropriate language are developed, is a fundamental way to write the book Science and Poomsae, because of this initiative, the author develops a book with characteristics peculiar, related to the artistic phenomenon. Leaving this dogma to establish itself in the scientific description of what sustains the sport to date, therefore incorporates a new and scientific language away from art to give an interdisciplinary sense with determinants enunciated in broad and versatile literature on the phenomenon of preparation in athletes of this sports educational discipline. In this way, it observes the phenomenon from the sciences that constitute it, leaving no time for the interpretation itself, but rather for the interpretation corresponding to the current times, where the scientific description of the events and variables form the reality of the Poomsae." Guillermo Sáez - Taekwondo Science Specialist.

It is a book by Taekwondo Radio - publishing house.

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(You can find at the end all the information in order to buy the Taekwondo Game "Master Theory")

From the Hwarang Do Taekwondo Club in Bogotá - Colombia, the official presentation of the Taekwondo Didactic Game "MASTER THEORY" was made.

The authors José Rodrigo Nocove and Jorge Hernán Castro presented the First ever Taekwondo Didactic Game, with highlights the great pedagogical component, the dynamics in learning and the powerful didactic resource. All this was expressed in a video for Taekwondo Radio, where they also addressed other aspects of the game, in addition they made a detailed description. At the end the authors made the Out Box of the game and made a brief explanation of the rules of the game.

The Taekwondo Game "Master Theory" is ready on sale, we leave information to buy.


Taekwondo Radio: mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or whatsapp +57 301 289 2754.
Hwarang-Do Taekwondo Club of Bogotá. Avenida Boyaca # 55-14 - Floor 2 Barrio Normandía, telephone: +57 315 8516 958.

The cost of the Taekwondo Game "Master Theory" $ 50,000 (Colombian currency) USD $ 16.00 (US dollars), shipments worldwide with payment on delivery.

"Having a better knowledge in theoretical aspects makes the practitioner empower their process, resulting in a better performance in practice" - Authors of the "Master Theory".


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"We are here to serve with love and passion, we really love what we do because we try to give wings to the ideas that seduce us by becoming extraordinary tools for social transformation and peacebuilders." - Jorge Castro.

2018 was a great year to grow hand in hand with our friends, who, without a doubt, have been great people, and inspired us to materialize several dreams by entrusting us with the projects that for several years they expected to see the light of day. the first time, some of them, we had not even considered them, but for that we are, to serve with love and passion, giving wings to the ideas that seduce us by becoming extraordinary "Tools of social transformation and peace builders". So the achievements we present are not from Taekwondo Radio, they are from all our friends, whom we thank very deeply.

Editorial Taekwondo Radio and the first book "Taekwondo, tactics, and strategy of Guillermo Sáez" and the support of Maestro Cito Rene Forero.


Really this great book of Guillermo was the one that was impelling the idea to generate a publishing house that allowed, but also the recognition and gratefulness must be given to the Teacher Cito Rene Forero, that of generous way, but also disinterested, contributed the resources that they needed. Achieving this way, not only the publication but generating the entire chain to bring the final buyer; This is how, after hard work, we now have the book finally published and marketed directly in eight countries. At present we have already planned the publication of 7 more books by 2019.

Taekwondo Educational Radio at the service of the University of Santiago de Chile thanks to Professor Ph.D. Tomas Herrera.


A dream come true; with twelve academics of the first level, with Ph.D., doctorates and/or masters degrees in sports, nutrition, science, medicine ... besides having been or being athletes - high performance martial artists, others, in addition, national trainers, among others ; a group of professors who also have the support of the University of Santiago de Chile from the research group specialized in contact sports and martial arts to offer the "COURSE OF SPECIALIZATION IN TRAINING APPLIED TO THE SPORTS MODALITIES OF COMBAT", a course that already prepares its academic offers for 2019.

Budokai Fighters, the Taekwondo Radio YouTube program dedicated to the wonderful world of Martial Arts.


In order to generate relevant spaces for the healthy dissemination and promotion of Martial Arts and Combat Sports, a joint effort was made with Sensei Erick Duque and Jorge Hernán Castro to specify a content proposal that would be responsible, coherent. That allowed to house the entire family of martial arts, the product of that exercise was the creation of the Budokai Fighters program with its first season in 2018, through which it has achieved a great response from various places in the Spanish-speaking and Anglo-Saxon world. Work is currently underway on the construction of the Budokai Fighters information portal, which is expected to be ready for the first months of 2019.

Taekwondo Educational Game "Master Theory" published by Editorial Taekwondo Radio.


An idea that has been developing since 2014 by the authors José Rodrigo Nocove and Jorge Hernán Castro, where, after a lot of work and methodological, didactic and pedagogical research, it could have been ready for publication in 2018. According to an investigation carried out by Taekwondo Radio, this is the first didactic game published in the history of taekwondo, which is also a great joy to be able to say that Colombia becomes a pioneer in the generation of this type of material. For 2019 it is expected to take out the virtual complementary material, in addition to the generation of a poster of the game.

Ultimately 2018 a really wonderful year, with four projects come true, which glimpses on the horizon a pleasant future for 2019, but really what drives us is to have the firm conviction that "MARTIAL ARTS ARE A POWERFUL TOOL OF TRANSFORMATION SOCIAL AND CONSTRUCTORA DE PAZ "and we are going for more in 2019.

To all our followers, friends, colleagues and family of the Martial Arts, we wish 2019 full of rich and abundant blessings, that peace and love will flood their hearts.

Jorge Hernán Castro
Managing Director.
Taekwondo Radio.

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The main objective in our agenda is to achieve a space of competence and training for the Refugees of Venezuela. - Robert Mujica.

In an interview for Taekwondo Radio, the director of the Corazones del Sur Foundation, directed by the taekwondoga Robert Mujica, expressed to us the important advances that have been achieved with various organizations, which have expressed their interest in the proposal that seeks to generate spaces for competition and official training for Venezuelan athletes who are in refugee status.

They will be a symbol of hope

The director of the Corazones del Sur Foundation told us that the initiative is not at all novel, since in the past Olympic Games in Rio - 2016, 10 athletes from different disciplines and countries were able to participate under the condition of refugees. Regarding this issue, the EL PAÍS information portal wrote in an article: "They will be a symbol of hope". Those were the words that the president of the International Olympic Committee (IOC), Thomas Bach, used when announcing that a team composed of refugees -action unprecedented in the history of the Olympic Games- will compete in Rio de Janeiro this month. August. "These refugees have no home, no team, no flag, no national anthem. We will offer you a home in the Olympic Village next to the rest of the athletes of the world, "he explained in a statement.

At the end of the interview, Professor Robert Mujica, expressed his satisfaction for the achievements that have been obtained in this matter and told us that the week comes very good news in that regard.

To contact and / or donate you can contact the Corazones del Sur Foundation with whatsapp number: +51 983 419 045.

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The Taekwondo Didactic Game "Theory of the Master" has had a good response from the taekwondo family, the different regions have received and the material that has helped to consolidate the theoretical aspects of this extraordinary Olympic sport and martial art, for also enhance the practice.

The different regions of the planet have written to express their joy for the material, and this is a source of joy for the authors: José Rodrigo Nocove and Jorge Hernán Castro, as well as for the Publishing House of Taekwondo Radio.

We will continue working hard to spread taekwondo in all aspects since this is an excellent tool for social transformation and peacebuilding. ?

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