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Taekwondo supporters from Venezuela, who suffer from the diaspora, demand that an official category be created for migrants, displaced and refugees persons.

"Warrior Hearts of Taekwondo, by Venezuelan Taekwondo Refugees."

With the initiative of the Corazones Olímpicos del Sur Foundation, called "Warrior Hearts of Taekwondo, by Venezuelan Taekwondo Refugees", we took on the task of approaching different Venezuelan athletes and they have been contacting us with their life stories from the Venezuelan Diaspora, and On many occasions his experiences touched our hearts. Very complex situations but that face with the warrior soul that have forged with the practice of this discipline.

As far as we could investigate, the phenomenon of migrants from Venezuela will increase drastically, and according to David Smolansky, who is in charge of the -OEA- to deal with the issues of Venezuelan migrants, the figure in 2018 is about 3.4 million trips, for 2019 it is expected that the figure surpasses 5 million.

The migratory movement becomes a challenge for the countries of the region, said the director of research in Latin America of Amnesty International, Carolina Jiménez Sandoval for TNT 24.

The coordinating platform for refugees and emigrants from Venezuela provides a generous information base in this regard, which highlights the figure of 375,012 refugee status requests between 2014 and 2018, in addition to the 958,965 residences granted.

In the middle of the complex panorama we find the foundation Corazones Olímpicos del Sur, which is led by a group of Venezuelan taekwondo players with a remarkable sporting experience, who after seeing what they and their compatriots were suffering from in the outside, they agreed to join forces. This is how the foundation was born.

Leverage from taekwondo processes of social integration, generation of humanitarian aid channels and strengthening the social fabric of immigrants. Robert Mujica

According to the director of the foundation, Mr. Robert Mujica, the foundation seeks to contribute basically in aspects such as: social integration, the generation of humanitarian aid channels, strengthening the social fabric of immigrants, but everything from taekwondo.

We want the generation of training spaces and official competence for the refugees of Venezuela.

Robert Mujica also let us know that there are many high performance competitors and groups in training that have a promising projection, and it is a pity that they can not continue growing in sports, and precisely, this situation has led them to promote the idea of the creation of training spaces and official competence for the refugees of Venezuela.

Among the proposals and projects of the Corazones Olímpicos del Sur foundation are:

  1. The generation of a category that competes, local and international, of Venezuelan refugee taekwondo.
  2. The structuring of taekwondo training programs with a focus on resilience and social integration.
  3. Construction of a mutual support network.

The foundation Corazones Olímpicos del Sur is the result of the work of taekwondo teacher Robert Mujica, his two sons and teacher Esteban Joao Roldán, who have stated that a positive response has been received from the community regarding the foundation and the proposed projects.

People who want to know more about the initiatives and / or offer support can contact the following whatsapp number: +51 983 419 045, Robert Mujica.

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The main objective in our agenda is to achieve a space of competence and training for the Refugees of Venezuela. - Robert Mujica.

In an interview for Taekwondo Radio, the director of the Corazones del Sur Foundation, directed by the taekwondoga Robert Mujica, expressed to us the important advances that have been achieved with various organizations, which have expressed their interest in the proposal that seeks to generate spaces for competition and official training for Venezuelan athletes who are in refugee status.

They will be a symbol of hope

The director of the Corazones del Sur Foundation told us that the initiative is not at all novel, since in the past Olympic Games in Rio - 2016, 10 athletes from different disciplines and countries were able to participate under the condition of refugees. Regarding this issue, the EL PAÍS information portal wrote in an article: "They will be a symbol of hope". Those were the words that the president of the International Olympic Committee (IOC), Thomas Bach, used when announcing that a team composed of refugees -action unprecedented in the history of the Olympic Games- will compete in Rio de Janeiro this month. August. "These refugees have no home, no team, no flag, no national anthem. We will offer you a home in the Olympic Village next to the rest of the athletes of the world, "he explained in a statement.

At the end of the interview, Professor Robert Mujica, expressed his satisfaction for the achievements that have been obtained in this matter and told us that the week comes very good news in that regard.

To contact and / or donate you can contact the Corazones del Sur Foundation with whatsapp number: +51 983 419 045.

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According to the spokesman of the Foundation Corazones Olímpicos del Sur, Professor Robert Mujica, the taekwondo of the refugees of the Pan-American zone continues clamoring to be taken into account in the different sports cycles.

As it is public knowledge several high performance athletes and national teams have had to leave their country, and the work to find spaces that allow them to continue their training, in addition to competing.

But today they lament the lack of support to be able to participate in the maximum sporting event of the Pan-American zone, both PATU, like WT, have turned a deaf ear to their requests, They have already advanced different strategies, they have done "lobby" ... but They have not wanted to support them.

Published in International News

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