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According to the chief of Pan-American taekwondo, the just ones leave a positive result in all their edges, also makes important announcements for upcoming continental competitions.

I am proud to announce that the Lima 2019 Pan American Games for TAEKWONDO have been completed with great success.

Below is the evaluation of the Games by designated technical officials and members of CSB and future developments for the Games.


The first presentation of the Poomsae competition resulted in excellent reviews from viewers and many top-level leaders from Pan Am Sports, ACODEPA and NOC. Our team of Poomsae referees did an incredible job with an absolutely fair trial with great consistency. Participating athletes demonstrated an outstanding level of skills and disciplines throughout the competition.

My sincere thanks to all the athletes and coaches for their hard work and dedication to make the first Poomsae competitions at the Pan American Games very exciting and motivating for all the Pan American Poomsae athletes.

TAEKWONDO received unprecedented attention in Lima, since our first Poomsae medal ceremony was the first medal ceremony of the 2019 Pan American Games in Lima. WT Pan America will do everything possible to maintain the continuous inclusion of Poomsae categories in the Pan American Games Santiago 2023. We are planning to propose that all Poomsae competitions in Santiago 2023 be freestyle instead of the traditional Poomsae competition for individual and couples competitions.


Kyorugi competitions were also a great success since all the medals were extended to many different countries with deserving winners.

It is a great indication that the technical level of our athletes is improving throughout the Pan Am region rather than a few dominant countries. We experienced minor technical delays on the first day of competition, but all technical problems were quickly corrected without further delay. In fact, all our competitions were finished before the proposed schedules. For the first time, all our competitions were broadcast on local television and on the IOC Olympic Channel.

Our designated Kyorugi IRs also did a great job with the constant application of the WT competition rules. Our group of video jurors did an exceptional job of reviewing IVR applications despite the inexperienced volunteers provided by the CO.

We are planning to present high-level Referee Training programs throughout the Pan-American region to be able to invite high-level IRs from many different countries for the next Pan American Games. I would like to extend my sincere thanks to the President of the WT Referee, Mr. Song Chul Kim and the WT Technical Staff, Mr. Ki Sam Kim for his professional assistance and cooperation during our competition days.

Our president of the court, Mr. Eric Wah, managed the Referees group with great harmony as a single team. The referees administered each competition with great attention to all aspects of the competition rules. We even had a very rare case in which there was a situation of absolute draw after the Golden Point round, and the referees made a very respectful decision in the end.

As a result, we had 0 protests or disputes about the outcome of the match. Some minor and unavoidable complaints from coaches regarding Gamjeom penalties, but even that was below the average level compared to other competitions.

We will do our best to strengthen our training programs for referees and coaches to minimize the different interpretations between the coaches and the referee. In general, I hope to say that our Kyorugi competitions in Lima were better than the last Pan American Games in terms of the athlete's skill level, arbitration, spectator participation, sports performance and especially the level of emotion.

The latest news for Kyorugi ... Pan Am Sports will present the first Junior Pan American Games in July 2021 in Cali, Colombia. Pan Am Sports plans to give additional fees for Santiago 2023 to the winners of the Junior Pan American Games. The age, quota and weight categories will be decided in the coming months. WT Pan America will begin our preparations for Santiago 2023 with the CB of Santiago and Pan Am Sports to decide the details of our competition in terms of athlete's quota, competition categories and possible introduction of new events immediately after the conclusion of the Games of Parapanamá de Lima 2019.

With our success with Lima 2019, I hope that more countries qualify for Tokyo 2020 in March 2020 in Costa Rica. I urge all countries to immediately begin their long-term preparations for the Tokyo 2020 qualification tournament.

Thanks again for your continued support of our sport during the 2019 Pan American Games in Lima. WT Pan America (PATU) is now preparing to present the competitions for TAEKWONDO for the first time in history at the 2019 Parapan American Games in Lima that will take place to held at the same place in Callao, Lima, on August 30 and 31.

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