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From the Hwarang Do Taekwondo Club in Bogotá - Colombia, the official presentation of the Taekwondo Didactic Game "MASTER THEORY" was made.

The authors José Rodrigo Nocove and Jorge Hernán Castro presented the First ever Taekwondo Didactic Game, with highlights the great pedagogical component, the dynamics in learning and the powerful didactic resource. All this was expressed in a video for Taekwondo Radio, where they also addressed other aspects of the game, in addition they made a detailed description. At the end the authors made the Out Box of the game and made a brief explanation of the rules of the game.

The Taekwondo Game "Master Theory" is ready on sale, we leave information to buy.


Taekwondo Radio: mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or whatsapp +57 301 289 2754.
Hwarang-Do Taekwondo Club of Bogotá. Avenida Boyaca # 55-14 - Floor 2 Barrio Normandía, telephone: +57 315 8516 958.

The cost of the Taekwondo Game "Master Theory" $ 50,000 (Colombian currency) USD $ 16.00 (US dollars), shipments worldwide with payment on delivery.

"Having a better knowledge in theoretical aspects makes the practitioner empower their process, resulting in a better performance in practice" - Authors of the "Master Theory".


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In the city of Bogotá, Colombia, an important group of institutions of taekwondo met to found the WTS or "WORLD TAEKWONDO SCHOOLS", and to make known its main mission and visional objectives.

In an interview for radio taekwondo the master José Rodrigo Nocove told us: "On Saturday, April 13. was the first meeting of founders of the WTS, we address the following topics:

The World Association of Taekwondo Schools, which seeks to benefit all its associates in the academic, social and economic fields, providing support in these aspects at a local, national and international level. To be the leading association in the teaching of taekwondo with high quality in cognitive, social and sports, in the local national and international context providing the best economic benefits to all its members."

Published in International News

The Taekwondo Didactic Game "Theory of the Master" has had a good response from the taekwondo family, the different regions have received and the material that has helped to consolidate the theoretical aspects of this extraordinary Olympic sport and martial art, for also enhance the practice.

The different regions of the planet have written to express their joy for the material, and this is a source of joy for the authors: José Rodrigo Nocove and Jorge Hernán Castro, as well as for the Publishing House of Taekwondo Radio.

We will continue working hard to spread taekwondo in all aspects since this is an excellent tool for social transformation and peacebuilding. ?

Published in International News

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