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The Colombian who decided to start his own style of martial art, the “ELEDO Kung Fu”.

The teacher Edgar Leaño Pardo, besides founding the School of Martial Arts ELEDO Kung Fu, is the creator of the ELEDO Kung Fu style, which has its own philosophical, technical and methodological characteristics, which have been forged for more than 40 years.

We leave you with a series of videos with Edgar Leaño Pardo (in spanish).





Some Goals

  1. Creator of the ELEDO Kung Fu style.
  2. Founder and director of the School of Martial Arts ELEDO Kung Fu.
  3. Specialist in the instruction and training for security bodies.
  4. Expert in the development of martial arts programs for physical and spiritual well-being.
  5. Recognized by the "International RozoKai Do Colombia".
  6. Recognized by the Sun Tai School.
  7. International award of the organization Budo Jutsu International.
  8. Recognized by the International School of "RozoKai Do Colombia Black Belts" with the 10th Dan ELE DO KUNG FU.
  9. Black Gold Honor Award granted by Free Contact Dho World Federation.
  10. Golden Fists Hall of Fame Award granted by the International Organization "RozoKai Do Colombia".
  11. Recognized as master teacher by SHINOBI IGA RYU NINJUTSU Colombia.

You can visit the Martial Arts Academy in Carrera 19 # 59-54, Bogotá, Colombia, Whatsapp +57 310 317 8141

Edgar Leaño Pardo - ELEDO Kung Fu, creator of the ELEDO Kung Fu style, Colombia.

"Taekwondo is alive and well in The Gambia and making huge strides. In spite of enormous challenges, Taekwondo is growing, with increasing number of clubs and practitioners."

Taekwondo in Gambia

Taekwondo was introduced in The Gambia in the 1980s and The Gambia Taekwondo Association is said to be the oldest Martial Arts Association/Federation in the country. It is endowed with a Constitution, approved in 12 August 2017, ushering in a new Executive Committee. There are currently fifteen registered Taekwondo Clubs, with varying degrees of activity. Most of these clubs are concentrated in the Kombo area, with only one know club based in Farafeni. Most instructors are holders of Black Belt certified by Kukkiwon, with only one exception.

Changing the taekwondo´s image in Gambia

The image of Taekwondo, along with other Martial Arts, is generally negative, with limited visibility. It is generally perceived as a tool used by trouble makers to engage in violent behavior and score settling. This is because the limited familiarity with Martial Arts come from Kung-Fu movies, which are popular especially among the youth. However, this image is changing slowly but steadily thanks to the organization of visible activities such as demonstrations and public promotion tests with media presence. Aided by growing experience and dynamism of the Gambia Taekwondo Association, the planned organization of tournaments, including national championships, is expected to induce a radical change for the better in the image and reputation of Taekwondo.

The Gambia Taekwondo Association as rocked by a severe crisis resulting from unconstitutional actions by some members of the Executive Committee. The crisis lasted several months during which the Executive Committee was rendered ineffective, practically dysfunctional. An important meeting was convened by The National Sports Council on xxx. All Taekwondo Clubs attended this meeting, which served as a watershed for future development of Taekwondo in The Gambia. While some confusion remains, both The Gambia Taekwondo Association and the individual Taekwondo Clubs are reinvigorated, reenergized with a renewed commitment and determination to work together in favour of Taekwondo in The Gambia. The passion for Taekwondo is very powerful.

The Gambia Taekwondo and its Plan of Action 2019 – 2021

The Gambia Taekwondo Association has formulated a comprehensive Plan of Action for the period 2019 – 2021. This provides a clear direction, with specific activates to be implemented to take Gambian Taekwondo to a higher plateau. The Plan of Action was shared with Taekwondo Clubs for their analysis and approval. It is now being implemented, with contributions by different clubs. Future annual reports will be based on the progress on the implementation of this Plan of Action.

Tournament "SEMILLAS OLÍMPICAS" recognizing them as the future of Colombian taekwondo, March 30 and 31, 2019.

The sports club Colombia Kukkiwon, with the endorsement of the Taekwondo league of Bogotá and The Colombian Taekwondo Federation will continue with the execution of the "SEMILLAS OLIMPICAS" tournament, in its fifth version, which will begin the consolidation of the database of the next Colombian teams, prior to the competitions from 2020 onwards.

Lic Jhon Fredy Marin Cn 6th Dan Wtf
Taekwondo Club Colombia Kukkiwon
Calle 62 B south No 22 i 47 Bogotá Colombia mobile 3004915080
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
March 30 and 31, 2019

The regulation that will be applied will be the current one by WT and Colombian Federation of Taekwondo for the modalities of Combat and pomsae, adapted by the organization in times and categories for all participants.


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Taekwondo ¡más de ocho científicos investigaron los componentes en el entrenamiento infantil!


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